Sarees The Best Indian Traditional Wear

Sarees : The Best Indian Traditional Wear

The most adored outfit for its self-esteem, comfort, and versatility, the Indian saree is ruling hearts all over the globe. It emphasizes the body contour in a captivating artistic way. Every Woman craves a designer saree that depicts their modishness and grace for Indian culture. As unstitched, sarees are a perfect outfit for all types of body and skin colour with festive, wedding-ready, casual, and traditional occasions; they can be styled in a multitude of ways to make your look appealing.

Traditional Sarees For All Styles

  1. Silk

If the saree is termed as the national dress of India, then the silk saree is surely an add-on to its splendour. For centuries, silk sarees have carried the essence of beauty, elegance, and grace. They are prominent for their glamorous gleam, chic patterns, and dazzling colours. Indian Women admire, flatter, and choose the flamboyant pure silk sarees to add to their saree collection. If you travel to any corner of India, you can pick a diverse silk saree based on the occasion. The techniques and styles used in creating silk sarees have grown with a classical touch.

When you buy sarees in bulk or visit pure silk sareSarees The Best Indian Traditional Weare wholesale suppliers, you will avail many colour and design choices that are not there in retail shops. These suppliers trade their products to numerous retail shops and export these sarees with huge variety. The other advantage of choosing pure silk saree wholesale suppliers is getting many affordable sarees with great discounts.

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How to drape a printed silk saree wholesale?

The silk sarees are unquestionably one of the alluring outfits. Let’s go through the required items to drape a silk saree :


Important items:

  1. A stylish silk saree
  2. A blouse
  3. A trouser
  4. Accessories
  5. Mirror


Initiate by tucking your silk saree in your trousers.


Take the other corner of the saree, wrap it around your waist and keep it on your left shoulder.

Make pleats

Take the leftover fabric and make pleats of approx four inches.

Insert the pleats

Tuck the pleats properly in the front of the trousers.

Twirl and drape

Append safety pins and twirl and drape the saree over the front of your body.

From Kanjivaram silk sarees to Assam silk, Indian printed silk sarees wholesale have always captivated the hearts of Indian women. Prints on sarees have been encouraged by modern art, pop culture, and Bollywood since 2010.

  1. Cotton Saree

The classiness and charisma of a pure cotton saree is altogether a different perspective. These trendy summer apparel with vivid colours are the best substitute for casual salwar suits in summer.

  1. Georgette

If you admire flowy fabrics that define your curves, then a georgette saree is the correct choice. Georgette has a delightful grace that goes with all body styles. You can choose from a basic one with a nominal border or an embellished type.

  1. Organza

Do you want to look elegant and graceful? Organza sarees are an answer to that. The sheer and glossy fabric gives these chic pieces a stunning look.

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