Air is a necessity for one’s survival. However, many people do not seem to realize the importance of keeping the air clean. It is polluted due to the burning of fossil fuels without care about how it could damage future generations.



The risks of breathing polluted air are immeasurable. Of the many ways to monitor air quality, one of the most pertinent is dust monitoring.

Decreases Risk Of Developing Illnesses:

Bad air quality does not provide temporary discomfort to those who breathe it in. It also increases the risks of chronic breathing disorders to those with sensitive airways. Specifically, in Australia, it is increasing the chances of children developing illnesses like asthma. It also means that more children will have difficulty doing physical activities, which will, in turn, cause other metabolic disorders like obesity and low immunity.

There are also temporary issues that can arise due to bad air quality. The most common ones are the inflammation of the airways, which can partially or entirely obstruct a child’s airway, which is detrimental to their overall well-being.

Respiratory illnesses are not the only ones that one can prevent with clean air. The risks of heart disease also reduce if one breathes in good quality air. These risks can negatively impact the health of the next generation and are reason enough to make sure that good air quality is maintained.

Sleep Better:

Getting sufficient sleep is vital to one’s health. If people do not sleep well, they can become easily irritable and tired. This situation, in turn, will negatively impact the efficiency at work and ruin one’s whole day. Breathing in good quality air will make it easier to breathe, and this can encourage a good night’s sleep. One cannot overlook the importance of quality sleep as it is what assures a quality life. If the quality of sleep increases, it allows people to be more efficient, energetic, and generally happier in their daily life.

Lowers Utility Bills:

If the quality of air is above average, then it means that the various systems that buildings have in place to improve the air quality will have to work less. And since these machines tend to require large amounts of energy to run continuously, it can lead to a high power bill if it is to function for long durations. However, with good quality air, the amount of time the system needs to run will be reduced as there will be less to clear from the air.

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Also, the air itself has self-cleaning properties to remove any allergens and pollutants from it. This process happens more often if there are fewer allergens and contaminants in the air. This reason is why the overall utility bill will go down if the quality of the air is good.

Reduces The Number Of Dangerous Chemicals In The Air:

With air pollution being at an all-time high, various chemicals are present in the air we breathe daily. While in small amounts, they may not be as dangerous, as their concentration increases, it can simultaneously lead to an increase in their toxicity.


As it is apparent to everyone, there are several significant health aspects to consider when one wonders why good quality air might be necessary to humans. That is why one must ensure that the air quality is of the highest standard through methods like dust monitoring, which can assess the quality of the air, thus helping one to take actions to counter its harmful effects.

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