What is silica gel

What is Silica Gel and What are Its Uses?

Ever wondered what are those small packets with a white substance in them in the box of new shoes or vitamins you buy? What is the use of that packet? The small white balls in those bags are Silica gel. But why do they provide these bags of silica gel in the boxes? What is the use of it?


What is Silica Gel and What are Its Uses?

Are you someone who throws these bags away in the garbage? Well..don’t throw it anymore. There is a reason why these silica gels are placed in kinds of stuff like bags, shoes, etc. You will know some of the amazing uses of these silica gels in this article.

What is silica gel?

Silica gel is the solidified form of silicon dioxide. And silicon dioxide is an, even more, harder substance in nature than silica gel. Silicon dioxide is a natural substance found in sand. Silica gel is highly porous and desiccant which makes it absorb a high amount of moisture. since it is a polar compound it is used in the process of chemical separation.

Silica gel usually looks like small round white or clear balls or rocks. It is mostly not hazardous but in incases of internal consumption, it can be dangerous. That is why you see hazards noted on the silica gel packets to throw it away immediately or not to swallow.

Silica gel packets are usually found in packeted foods and electronics to prevent the moisture in the product as it can affect these kinds of products.

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Uses of silica gel

Since silica gel is desiccant, it is helpful in numerous ways. So next time when you get the silica gel pack with your shoes or vitamins save them instead of throwing them away. Also, make sure you store it in a place where it cannot be reached by your children or pets. Let us learn about silica gel uses.

To dry your wet mobile phone

If you accidentally dropped your mobile phone in the water, don’t try to switch it on immediately. Instead, wipe away all the water and remove the sim card and the battery separately, and put everything in a ziplock bag.

Now add one or two silica gel packets into the ziplock bag along with the mobile and leave it alone for a minimum of forty-eight hours. All the water and moisture in your phone will be completely dried and you are good to go.

To remove oxidization from silverware and steel

Things like razors get tarnished very easily. Tossing a bag of silica gel in the box you save your razors can avoid tarnishing it. The same goes for your silver utensils and jewellery.

It easily gets oxidized because of the moisture in the air. So tossing a silica gel packet wherever you save your silver jewellery or utensil can save it from oxidizing.

To remove moisture and odour from shoes

This is the main reason why you get these silica gel packets along with your shoes. You can store these silica gel packets and use them when your shoes are wet to dry them out. This also helps to prevent the foul odour from your shoes as moisture is the main reason for the foul smell.

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Prevent your leather bags and shoes from moisture

Moisture can damage leather materials very badly by making mould grow on them which cannot be repaired. Always keep the silica get you to get with your leather bags in the bag itself to protect the bag from moisture. The same goes for leather shoes and purses as well.

To prevent camera condensation

When you are using your camera in a cold climate or shooting underwater shots there will be a lot of moisture stored in the camera. To remove the moisture, remove the memory card and the battery of the camera and place them in a box of silica gel and leave it dry.

To remove odour from laundry bag

Place a large bag of silica gel under your laundry bag. This will help to suck the moisture out of your dirty clothes. Since the moisture in your dirty clothes is the main reason for the bad odour, it will be completely removed.

In toolbox to prevent rusting

Add a few silica gel packets to your toolbox to prevent your tools from getting rusted. You can also use it for your sewing needles and hooks as they rust easily.

Recharge and reuse your silica gel

Once the silica gel has helped suck up the moisture, do you think it is not reusable? It is no. you can recharge the silica gels b opening them from their packet and lying it in the sun and during it.

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