Better Cannabis Strains for Mental Health Management

Better Cannabis Strains for Mental Health Management

Whether you have a recommendation from your healthcare provider or you take advantage of your state’s recreational cannabis laws, you might use weed as a way to treat a mental health condition — and you aren’t alone. Mental disorders like depression and anxiety are among the most commonly cited reasons for seeking cannabis treatments.

Unfortunately, research regarding cannabis and mental health has found mixed results. Sometimes, cannabis treatments can vastly improve outcomes for those suffering from mental conditions; other times, the drug can exacerbate negative symptoms and drive mental health patients deeper into despair.


Better Cannabis Strains for Mental Health Management

While more research is warranted to better understand how cannabis consumption affects mental health, most researchers and mental health professionals believe the difference between success and failure in cannabis treatment concerns the cannabis compounds within different weed strains. Thus, when you are shopping for cannabis and suffering from a mental health issue, you should seek out some of the following strains, which contain more of the “good stuff” likely to make your mental health condition more manageable.

Jack Herer

One of few sativas recommended for mental health treatment, Jack Herer’s most dominant effect is euphoria. In those suffering from depression, this strain can be a lifesaver for boosting one’s mood and making everyday tasks feel more manageable or even fun. Even so, Jack Herer should be used sparingly and in relatively low doses to prevent the possibility of dependence.


Though its cannabinoid content won’t blow you away, Harlequin’s relatively low, exceedingly balanced doses of CBD and THC tend to be exactly what mental health sufferers need to feel better. This strain provides relaxation without sedation or intoxication; plus, Harlequin has a mango flavor offset with a deep, earthy musk, which makes for a delightful aromatic experience.

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Grandaddy Purple

The rumor that purple strains are always good medical strains isn’t exactly true — except in the case of Grandaddy Purple. This legendary indica with grape and berry terpenes provides both physical relaxation and euphoria without being overwhelming. Many users describe GDP as generating a “dreamy buzz,” which can be essential for those needing relief from stress disorders.


Cannatonic is famous for its high CBD content and low THC content, which facilitates relaxation and pain relief and all but eliminates any risk of THC-induced paranoia or panic. This strain produces a remarkably mellow high, again thanks to its CBD, with mild uplifting feelings that can be just enough to ease anxiety and help you feel comfortable and confident.

Better Cannabis Strains for Mental Health Management

Northern Lights

A strain that has stood the test of time, Northern Lights is a rare pure indica that provides deep relaxation in mind and body cbd oil uk. Those suffering from obsessive-compulsive disorder swear by this strain, which allows them to slow down and evaluate their compulsions before acting upon them. Plus, Northern Lights has sweet and spicy terpenes that make the experience of smoking so much more enjoyable.

Lamb’s Bread

Popularized by none other than Bob Marley himself, Lamb’s Bread is another Sativa that effectively combats stress and depression. Like other sativas, Lamb’s Bread offers a boost to energy, which can be exactly what someone suffering from a depressive episode needs to get up, out of bed, and into the day’s activities.

Pineapple Kush

There are a handful of popular pineapple strains, but Pineapple Kush is the right one for those who tend to succumb to mood swings. With high CBD and low THC, this strain tends to balance a user’s mood and provide more focus and control over emotions and behaviors. And, the delightful tropical fruit flavor doesn’t hurt, either.

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Lemon Skunk

A good rule of thumb is that strains with citrus scents will be energizing and uplifting. This is certainly true of Lemon Skunk, which is recommended for use among those suffering from social anxiety. The boost to mood often results in a boost to confidence, which can make social interactions much more fun and exciting.


Pennywise might have a name from a horror franchise, but this strain should be anything but frightening, especially for those suffering from mood imbalance disorders. With its 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, Pennywise helps to smooth out shifting emotions and combat hormone imbalances, making behaviors easier to manage. What’s more, Pennywise tastes delicious, with a complex aroma of coffee, herbs, and spices.

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