Deal with Stress Through Exercise

Deal with Stress Through Exercise

Stress is a real issue in today’s workplaces and schools. People of all ages feel it, and it is affecting them greatly. The particular sources of stress vary according to who you are. But generally, people agree that demands at work and school, family life, personal expectations, and even the place they live in (pollution, traffic, crime) are all contributing to the tension they feel daily.


Deal with Stress Through Exercise

If stress is not managed well, it can lead to a host of issues, affecting you physically, emotionally, and socially. This is why steps must be made to address it.

How exercise reduces the effects of stress

After a day of working in the office, studying and custom essay writings, most people just want to rest and relax. They opt to sleep off their emotional day or perhaps entertain themselves by watching TV or eating something they like. In their minds, adding a strenuous activity like exercise will just stress them even more.

Although relaxation helps, regular exercise should go hand in hand with these other solutions as exercise does a lot to reduce stress.

1. Exercise affects your body’s chemicals

Aside from strengthening your body to keep you less susceptible to disease, regular exercise reduces the stress hormones (cortisol and adrenaline). These hormones are responsible for the uneasy bodily feelings you have when stressed, such as a headache, stomach ache, muscle twitching, and muscle tension.

Moreover, exercise releases the “happy hormones” (endorphins), which will give you a good feeling afterwards. Combining a good workout with a relaxing evening watching a movie with your favourite food will help you overcome the troubles of the day.

2. Exercise makes you feel better about yourself overall

Many who are always stressed have a negative view of themselves. They may feel that something is wrong with themselves, that they are not smart enough or good enough.

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Regular exercise, however, improves how you view yourself. If you feel and look fit, your self-image improves. You will feel more disciplined and self-confident. This new mental and emotional state helps as you face your daily struggles.

3. Exercise can help you develop socially

Those who regularly exercise develop a bond with others who do the same. This is quite evident for those who play sports as a social bond is created with those you play with, even if you lose. Many who regularly have pickup games or join community tournaments find themselves looking forward to the next practice or competition. They enjoy the camaraderie and change of activity, reducing any stress they feel at school or work.

However, going to the gym, biking around, and jogging at the park also help develop contacts among the regulars you see doing the same. This network of friends helps reduce stress as you can share struggles. There is also a positive effect when you look forward to your next workout, road trip, or run together, similar to those who play sports.


While rest and relaxation are important to minimizing stress in your life, exercise should be a regular part of your stress-relieving routines. Not only does it strengthen your body, but it does also counteract the many effects of stress in your life.

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