Suggestions for Overcoming the Anxiety and Stress Involved in Travel

Suggestions for Overcoming the Anxiety and Stress Involved in Travel

Anxiety about traveling is something that a good number of us experience. Even the most level-headed beings are susceptible to having a panic or stress attack at some point.

Even though going to new places and experiencing new things is always exciting, it often comes with a lot of hassle. Delays, airport security, language barriers, leaving children or pets at home, and large crowds are all factors that have the potential to provoke negative feelings. Then there’s the most important one, which is flight.

One in ten people is affected by the excessive worry that is associated with air travel. Still, considering that flying is the safest mode of transportation, there is really no reason to be afraid of it.

How, then, can we alleviate the stress and anxiety associated with traveling so that we can enjoy a carefree vacation? To get started, make sure you follow these top tips…

Determine the factors that contribute to your stress.

The first thing you need to do in order to alleviate your travel anxiety is to identify the specific situations that bring on the most stress for you. Is it the waiting in a queue? The idea of running behind schedule? Can it fly by itself?

In order to make progress on a specific area, you must first gain an understanding of that area and then take action to correct it.

For instance, if you are concerned about missing your flight, you should get up a few hours early and set your alarm clock for a time that is earlier than usual. Even though it is inconvenient, if it means that I can grab a bite to eat and feel more at ease, then it will be well worth the inconvenience.

Try Not to Stress Out at the Last Minute

The key to a successful trip is preparation, and that doesn’t just mean booking your hotel and dinner reservations.

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Think of it logistically. Is there still an expiration date on your passport? Learn more. Do you need a visa to travel?

You will be able to feel more at ease and prepared for your trip if you write a standard checklist for yourself to use before you leave. This will also prevent any last-minute dashes to the passport office. Eek!

Take a look at the Anxious Flyers Programme.

Both the anticipation of and the actual act of flying can be highly nerve-wracking for some people. After all, flying at an altitude of 30,000 feet will never make you feel entirely at home in the sky.

Do not keep your discomfort to yourself if your fear of flying prevents you from going places. There are a lot of different ways that this can be helped, as well as ways to train your brain to think logically rather than immediately leaping to the most dire possible outcome.

Numerous airlines now provide brilliant nervous flyer courses, and the average success rate for these courses is 98%. These courses, which clinical psychologists support, are designed for those with mild anxiety all the way up to those who are paralyzed by their fear.