TeamViewer standalone download

TeamViewer standalone download and remote control for android

TeamViewer standalone downloadTeamViewer is a complete remote access, control, and support solution that is compatible with nearly all desktop and mobile platforms, including Mac OS X, Windows, Android, and the iOS operating system.
It is capable of doing remote server administration; file transfers, remote assistance without installation, remote presentations, and other functions. TeamViewer allows you to remotely connect to computers or cellphones located all over the world and use them as if you were there.
TeamViewer is firewall-compatible and enables sharing of keys and AES (256-bit) session encoding.


Most Trending

  • The libcurl dependency was updated for preventative purposes.
  • Numerous corrections and optimizations.


Optimize the retrieval of devices under management to reduce the duration of loading.

Additional new features

  • Multi-tab display in the session window is now more user-friendly. Drag-and-drop may now be used to shift the tabs that display various connections and screens.
  • The management of patches and Remote Device Monitoring may now be installed using the TeamViewer MSI, together in order with the TeamViewer Agent.
  • The VPN driver may now be installed with a bulk deployment using the command window.
  • The program is now available in 64-bit edition on our online store ( Updating from a 32-bit version to a 64-bit version that is already installed is not done automatically.
  • Connections will now need two-factor authentication. Push notifications may now be used to enable or disable connections. Download it right now in the Security tab’s settings and let us know what you think.
  • The Management Console now allows you to make changes to assignment setup. Adjustments do not impact devices previously assigned by a supervisor. Computers that are freshly allocated to an authority figure are always set to the most previous distribution setting.
  • Customers may now use the PDF standard for distant printing on Windows. On the Advanced tab of TeamViewer’s options, you may pick your preferred format (PDF or XPS).
  • IoT users may now utilize the Chromium-based browser engine. Download the WebView2 implementation to improve your experience with Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets web interfaces.
  • In the “More solutions” category, you may learn more about Service Camp, an integrated service desk for efficiently managing your IT problems.

TeamViewer Remote Control for Android:

TeamViewer is a quick, easy, and friendly alternative for remote access via the Internet. This program allows you to remotely control various other devices.

While on the go, connect to another computer, smartphone, or tablet with your remote! TeamViewer offers simple, quick, and secure remote access and has been set up on over 1 billion devices globally.

Examples of use cases:

  • Remotely control computers (the Windows operating system, Mac OS, Linux) as if you were sitting in front of them.
  • Deliver spontaneous help or maintain unsupervised systems (for example, servers).
  • Remotely operate other smartphones and tablets (Android operating system and Windows 10, among others Mobile)


  • Screen sharing and full control via remote over additional gadgets
  • Touch and control movements are simple and straightforward.
  • Two-way file transfer
  • Management of Computers and Contacts
  • Conversation
  • Real-time transmission of sound and high definition video
  • Maximum security guidelines: 256 bit AES connection encoded data, 2048 bit RSA transfer of keys.
  • And so much more…

Installation Overview

  • Download the TeamViewer Application
  • Download TeamViewer Quick Support for the device you wish to connect to.
  • Connect by entering your Quick Support app ID in the ID area.