Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti variation you need to know

Teen Patti is one of the best games you can ever play because you can play it for the rest of your life without getting bored. Besides playing Teen Patti online, you can also play a variety of Teen Patti slots after you have mastered the basic version – this shows how much slot games have grown in popularity. You can play them with your friends and family at home.

If you want to challenge yourself a bit, you can use the different variations and rules to change things up when playing Teen Patti. For you to gain experience as a Teen Patti player, you must get the basics right first; the variations will come later. If you’re ready to move on to other Teen Patti games then you will find these options to choose from.

Teen Patti variation you need to know

Among the variations we have listed there are some that are easily understandable and don’t seem hard. While there are still others that are more complicated than the average Teen Patti games. Any you choose to play, it’s not the same Teen Patti you love and know as it’s something different, exciting, and new.

Teen Patti Variations

Even though several platforms host different games that are similar to these intriguing games – including bet365 games – the actual variations of Teen Patti must be discussed:


Mufliss is perhaps the most popular variation of Teen Patti. The game is also called Lowball. The rules are very similar to those of standard Teen Patti, so it is an excellent choice for those seeking a first variation.

With Mufliss, the ranking of the hand is reversed, so the highest card in the hand is considered the best hand to win the game. Getting a trio or trail, is regarded as the worst hand in this game. When two players have the same hand, normal Teen Patti splits them with the highest card, but Mufliss splits them with the lowest card.

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This teen Patti variation aims for its players to attain close to the number 9-9-9. Any player who gets close to this number wins the round. The suit of the cards does not matter, and each face card corresponds to a certain number. The numbers on the card and what they represent include;

K, Q, J and 10 (of any suit) = 0

In any suit, 9 = 9

In any suit, 8 = 8

In any suit, 7 = 7

In any suit, 6 = 6

In any suit, 5 = 4

In any suit, 4 = 4

In any suit, 3 = 3

In any suit, 2 = 2

In any suit, A = 1

So, if your card turns up a 7-6-A, that equals 761. If in a round, you land 9-K-4, then that equals 940. Please note that you can arrange your cards in any order you like. So, if you get 9-K-4, which equals 904, you can change the order of your cards to get 940. Which is quite closer to 999.

Sudden Death

The standard deck of cards is shuffled out to the players in this version of the game. You then begin to drop the cards one by one while holding them between your finger and thumb. The game continues until one of the other players shouts ‘stop’. The players draw their best hand from their remaining cards at this point to determine the winner.

Discard One

Unlike the three-card variant, this variant consists of four cards dealt by the dealer. After choosing the best three cards from the dealer’s hand, the player discards the fourth card. The reason for this is that all players have seen their cards, so they must play chaal (to see the cards).

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Closest to 555

Just as with 999 above, you are aiming to make it as close as possible to 555 in this game. You can arrange the cards in any order to give yourself the best chance of winning. Royal cards count for zero as well. Hence, this version places the greatest emphasis on the number 5, so keep an eye out for those.

Plus Sign

Plus Sign deals each player with three cards and the table is marked with a plus sign and five cards. There is no set value for the 5 joker cards, so any value is possible. It will be up to the players to choose jokers from the horizontal or vertical selections of cards on the sign.

Before dealing cards, the dealer will decide if players can choose jokers from the horizontal or vertical set of plus signs. As soon as the cards are dealt, the round continues as usual. You can then choose the joker cards when the dealer makes their sign.

Take, for instance, the pair A-A-3, joker cards are drawn from the vertical set of the plus sign, and the vertical set contains a 3. The 3 becomes a joker card and can have any value. This makes it an A. Then you will have an A-A-A (trio), which is the best hand you can have.


These are a few of the teen Patti variations available. They’re the top variations you will easily find. If you want to try other variations, you can do some research on the internet to get the information you need. Why not try these variations out and tell us what you think?

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