The Top 10 Must-Have Fire Burners for Your Outdoor Space

Are you looking to take your outdoor space to the next level? Adding a fire burner might be what you need. Fire burners provide warmth on chilly evenings and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere, perfect for social events or relaxing after a long day.

The question is: how do you find the right fire burner that suits your needs and aesthetics? We’ve rounded up the top 10 must-have fire burners for your outdoor space. Whether you have a compact balcony or a spacious backyard, we’ve got a fire burner for you.

Ready to turn up the heat? Let’s dive in.


1. Chiminea

Chimineas are a timeless choice that originated in Mexico, infusing any outdoor space with rustic charm. With their bulbous body and narrow chimney, they have a distinctive style that sets them apart.

Crafted from clay or cast iron, clay chimineas exude an authentic aesthetic, while cast iron enhances durability. These fire burners provide exceptional warmth. They also prioritize safety by containing the fire and minimizing the risk of sparks.

Maintenance is effortless, and weather covers are available for protection. A chiminea can make an exquisite addition to your patio or garden, elevating its allure and ambiance.

2. Fire Pit

Fire pits are a popular choice for many homeowners. Their open design makes them wonderful for creating a central gathering spot. A patio fire pit can transform your outdoor space into a cozy and inviting area, ideal for socializing and family gatherings.

They’re available in materials such as stone, metal, and ceramic. You can also choose from wood-burning, propane, or natural gas options.

Fire pits are easy to install and maintain. Moreover, with the addition of a grill rack, your fire pit can double as a cooking spot.

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3. Tabletop Fire Burner

Tabletop fire burners are a fantastic option for those with limited outdoor space. They bring warmth and elegance to any setting without taking up too much room with their compact and portable design.

These fire burners use gel fuel or propane, ensuring a clean and smoke-free experience. Ignite them, and you’re ready to enjoy their cozy ambiance.

Despite their small size, tabletop fire burners generate ample heat, making them perfect for intimate gatherings. They come in a variety of designs to complement your outdoor decor.

4. Fire Column

Fire columns are a sleek and modern choice for your outdoor space. These tall and slender fire features are suitable for small patios or decks. Their vertical design makes a statement without taking up too much floor space.

Fire columns operate on propane or natural gas, offering a steady and clean burn. They add a touch of sophistication, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere. They’re also portable, allowing them to move around your space as needed.

5. Fire Table

Fire tables combine functionality and style, serving as a sophisticated focal point for your outdoor space. Beyond their regular table surface, they boast a built-in fire pit, making them the perfect dual-purpose choice for outdoor entertainment.

With several designs available, from rustic wood to modern metal, fire tables can be powered by propane or natural gas, guaranteeing a clean and smoke-free burn. Installation is simple, and maintenance is a breeze. A fire table is a chic and practical addition to elevate your outdoor space.

6. Fire Bowl

Fire bowls are a trendy choice, simple yet impactful. Available in various sizes and materials like copper, steel, or concrete, their round design offers a contemporary appeal, perfect for modern outdoor spaces.

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Fire bowls can use wood, propane, or natural gas as fuel, providing warmth and versatility. Easy to use and maintain, most come with a protective safety cover.

7. Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces add a touch of luxury to your outdoor living space, transforming your backyard into an inviting open-air lounge. Renowned for their efficiency, these grand structures are fuelled by wood or gas, ensuring a long-lasting, steady burn.

With their enclosed design, they focus on safety by preventing sparks or embers from escaping. Plus, with a wide range of styles available, you can find a model that harmonizes with your outdoor decor. Serving as a captivating focal point, an outdoor fireplace elevates your outdoor gatherings to new heights.

8. Gas Fire Pit

Gas fire pits are a modern and sophisticated option, offering swift, immaculate, and efficient heating. These pits are powered by either propane or natural gas, eliminating the annoyance of smoke and ashes. To operate, flip the switch and relish in the comforting warmth.

With a wide array of styles available, from sleek and contemporary to rustic and traditional, there is something to suit every taste.

Maintenance is minimal, as there is no need to worry about storing logs or cleaning up ashes. These fire pits focus on safety with controlled flames, making them an ideal choice for those seeking comfort and convenience.

9. Wall-Mounted Fire Burner

Wall-mounted fire burners are an excellent choice if you’re looking for a space-saving solution. Like oven burners, they offer warmth and ambiance without compromising floor space. They’re installed on walls, giving them a modern, artistic touch.

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These fire burners come in sleek designs, ranging from minimalistic to ornate. Most use propane or natural gas. It ensures a clean, consistent burn.

Turn-on is as simple as flicking a switch. They are easy to maintain and provide substantial heat output. A wall-mounted fire burner is a stylish, practical addition that brings a cozy atmosphere to your outdoor space.

10. Ethanol Fire Table

Ethanol fire tables bring a touch of modern elegance to your outdoor space. They are fueled by bio-ethanol, a renewable energy source that ensures clean and smoke-free burning.

The design is elegant, combining the functionality of a table with the warmth of a fire pit. They are suitable for small to medium-sized spaces.

They’re also portable, allowing for repositioning as needed. Ethanol fire tables come in various styles, from sleek metal to rustic wood. They are easy to use and maintain.

Discover More About Fire Burners

Choosing fire burners can transform your outdoor space into a warm, inviting haven. Each type of fire burner, from chimneys to ethanol fire tables, offers its unique charm and functionality. You can select one that suits your aesthetic preference, space availability, and usage requirements.

Remember, the right fire burner provides warmth and enhances the ambiance of your outdoor space. Invest in a fire burner today to experience cozy, memorable evenings under the stars.

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