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Top 10 Takeaway Promotion Ideas to Explode Your Online Sales

Top 10 Takeaway Promotion Ideas to Explode Your Online Sales

Are you doing anything new in marketing and promotion for your online restaurant ordering service? As the restrictions are loosening as time passes, you must step up your marketing efforts for your restaurant.

Staying in business means adopting innovative marketing strategies, enhancing your promotion techniques, and becoming more creative. Here are some ideas on how you can promote your takeaway service and inspire people to order as soon as possible.


Takeaway Promotion Ideas To Boost Your Online Sales

Offer meal kits for families

Family meal kits are a great option because they’re more affordable than regular takeaway. They can even participate in a brand-new activity as a family: making a delicious, restaurant-quality dinner together.

The takeaway isn’t as exciting as eating at home. A meal kit can reinvent that. You package the ingredients, put instruction on them, and the customer puts it together.

Make your content captivating

Creating engaging content for your customers is easier than you think. Instead of making a story up, show them what happens behind the scenes so they’ll be able to picture themselves using it.

Share how you became a restaurateur. Describe how your business is coping with the crisis: for example, you may clarify how you’re supporting your employees. You may also create high-quality videos and images using your smartphone’s camera to enhance the message.

Keep your customers informed and up to date and adhere to your brand.

Using hashtags to promote on social media

Taking advantage of social media to promote food often requires using a hashtag, especially on Instagram and Twitter. Some hashtags are branded to a specific brand, but others circulate nationwide, like #LondonEats or #LondonFoodie.

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Use these hashtags on social media when posting your restaurant’s location so that locals can see the post.

Exclusive SMS deals

This is one type of marketing that can be used at any time or place. It’s simple and easy to implement, and it keeps your customers informed of discounts and specials.

You can engage your loyal customers through texts, calls, emails, and personal memos to let them know that your business is operating and safe. Your loyal clients can spread the word about your business within their communities, which will allow you to boost your sales.

Investing in SMS marketing will not break the bank, and it is guaranteed to help boost your online sales. You can create offers exclusive to SMS marketing to entice potential customers to give you their phone numbers and consent to receiving restaurant-related SMS messages.

Subscriptions for food and drinks

Restaurants have just begun to offer this service, and it can be the perfect way to make your business more visible if you do it before it becomes popular. Takeaway products like these will get more popular in the future.

Do something different. Be open to failing. Your competitors want to do the same old thing out of fear that they will lose their market position and never regain it.

Consider offering a subscription that customers can sign up for to get their meals delivered daily at a time of their choosing.

For your drink offerings, you can do the same or even pair them up. When a customer subscribes, suggest they also add the beverage subscription at a discount, and then send a drink to pair with their meal each day.

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Promos themed around quarantine and lockdown

Currently, lockdowns are a necessity that we cannot avoid, so instead of trying to avoid them, embrace them and use them to your advantage.

You can make your restaurant stand out by including a handwritten note in every delivery bag thanking the customer for their support. A personalized thank-you and stay-safe note can make a big difference.

Exclusive discounts for app users

The app carries your imprint, from logo to colors, making it stand out from the competition. Takeaway restaurant apps-based ordering is more convenient than ordering on a website because it is more intuitive, convenient, and accurate.

You can engage them by offering regular food promotions and reward programs that are only available in-app. After they download the app and order for the first time, they’ll keep an eye out for more in the future.

Localized advertising

The majority of takeaway promotion ideas are either free or low-cost, though you can choose to spend some money on ads that are tailored to the local market.

In addition, you can work with other restaurants and businesses in your vicinity to conduct activities to promote the industry, such as forming relationships with restaurant influencers, donating inventory to local food banks, and supplying meals to healthcare practitioners for reaching a larger audience.

A Facebook ad, for example, could direct customers to your food ordering page, so they can place an order right away. You will generate more traffic to your website and attract users and bring them closer to placing an order.

Newsletter subscriber-only “club”

Increased sales do not have to be the result of discovering a fresh audience. Loyal fans can be a source of demand for your products.

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Email marketing is a winning strategy for food marketing ideas if you know how to execute them properly. Create a feeling of exclusivity for your newsletter subscribers and send them regular creative restaurant specials, offers, and discounts.

You can surprise your customers on their birthdays by sending them an email saying the champagne is on you or offering a huge discount. Make sure you use the details you have about them to show how much you value their business.

Promotions and contests online

Restaurant contests and giveaways are great promotional ideas as they reward existing customers while increasing engagement and, ultimately, food orders. A simple way to do this would be to include a couple of requirements for participating in the giveaway or contest that will improve your social media presence.

You can offer unique food delivery offers, gift cards, or online food order discounts to people who follow you on social media, and you can ask them to like the post, comment on it, or tag friends in the post.

The idea of breaking the mold is a fearsome prospect for most restaurants. What if it fails? When you use creativity, you can gain your customers’ attention and make them loyal. Loyalty always helps your restaurant become profitable.

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