Top 5 client building hacks for freelance makeup artists

Top 5 client building hacks for freelance makeup artists

Building your clientele on LinkedIn is an important part of your social media strategy as LinkedIn is 277 percent more effective than other social media platforms.

Though when you are trying to search for client prospects on LinkedIn, just updating your profile with the default settings will not be ideal, especially as a makeup artist.

You need to be specific with the services and the client base you are targeting to cater your services to the right audience.

Here is how you can achieve that:

Create a company page

Let’s say you run a website covering makeup tutorials, hairdressing guides, etc. To make sure you convey your expertise well, you need to create a company page on LinkedIn that summarizes what you are offering and add the website URL.

Bear in mind that you are introducing your services to professionals on LinkedIn, so make sure that it covers all the essential elements, for example:

  • Try to trace all the elements that can make your profile in line with the services you provide by updating the cover picture. For example, if your expertise lies in SFX make-up then it should reflect on your cover picture. Additionally, make sure the profile picture is professional-looking, and if your website has a logo, then use that as a profile picture.
  • Though the headline of your profile should have pointers that are related to your expertise, it should also have keywords that are prevalent among the makeup artists on LinkedIn. You can search for makeup professionals and make a list of all the used keywords in their headline and accordingly add them to your profile.
  • Make sure you update the industry type to cater to professionals with similar interests. This helps communicate with like-minded connections.
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Connections & Engagement

An optimized Linkedin profile plays a key role in building connections and engagement.

Approaching clients on LinkedIn requires expanding your connections network and engaging with professionals with similar interests.

Fostering clients relationships is not a tough task, here is how you can accomplish it:

  • Improve your network by connecting with professionals who share the same interests as you. For example, makeup artists, cosmetics professionals, etc.
  • Continue to engage with these professionals by sharing and commenting on posts. Further, write makeup related posts that can be valuable to your connections. The idea is to improve your profile’s visibility.

Join groups

Join groups and forums on LinkedIn to improve your connections base with professionals with the same industry as yours.

It may not be the case with LinkedIn, but group suggestions based on the algorithm may limit you to a few groups.

Try to search for important keywords in the cosmetics industry as a whole to look for groups that may interest you.

The benefit of these groups is not just limited to engagement through discussions. They can also help you create a list of professionals that can be prospective clients by connecting with them.

How to pitch

Pitching potential clients is one of the major things you need to work on. Make sure to never send a sales prospect in the first message.

First, you need to make sure that your messages are not irrelevant and are not spammy. Adhere to the following tips while curating a message to pitch professionals:

  • Do not make it sound like a promotional pitch, keep it restricted to just fostering a professional relationship, and then share your services.
  • Proofread all the messages to make sure there aren’t any grammatical errors and do not follow up more than 2-3 times.
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Improve your credibility

Having credibility on LinkedIn can be extremely helpful in clearing any doubt in the client’s mind.

As anyone can write skills and make a profile on LinkedIn, this is disadvantageous for professionals with legit skills who are trying to share their services.

Let’s say you are trying to share your services regarding wig designing and you have it listed as a skill.

To go the extra step and prove your expertise, you can ask for a skill endorsement from one of your connections or former clients. Further, you can use recommendations to improve the legitimacy of your profile.


To end, make sure you take into account the readability factor while trying to create a company page as you want to keep the client engaged with your profile. Further, avoid exchanging recommendations and endorsements to professionals, or at least wait for 3-4 months.

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