Tricks for Being Good at Block Puzzle Games

Tricks for Being Good at Block Puzzle Games

There are many different ways to play block puzzles. Some people play fast and others slow. Still, some players play with the sound on and others with it off. But there is one thing all good puzzle players have in common:

The keys to being good at block game are scanning, previewing, and planning your moves ahead.


The best players scan the board constantly for possible matches, even when it is not their turn to move. They are looking for opportunities to make special pieces. If you see a place where you can make a special piece, think ahead to see if that will help you later in the game.


When it is your turn, look at the whole board before making your move. Try to plan several moves in advance to see what will happen if you make certain matches. The special pieces can be very helpful, but they are also random, so you cannot heavily depend on them. If you depend on getting a certain special piece, you might be disappointed later on in the game.

Plan Your Moves Ahead

Think about what your opponent might do next and how their moves will affect your future moves. Try to block or thwart them by setting up matches that will stop them from making special pieces

Be Persistent

Block Puzzle is a game of skill. How well you do in it depends on how much time you spend on it. So the most important characteristic of a puzzle player is persistence. If you want to get good at a block puzzle, you first need to stick with it long enough to reach the top.

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Your Attitude Matters

Keep in mind that your attitude towards getting better should be playful rather than grim or desperate. The best way to learn something is by enjoying it, and people have more fun when they’re not worrying about what other people think of them.

Never Give Up

Don’t give up whenever they hit an obstacle, but try different solutions until they find one that works, learning from each attempt so as to make the next one better.

Figure out the Best Strategy

It is crucial to figure out your strategy for solving the puzzle. There are essentially two strategies. One is to put all the blocks in order as fast as possible, sacrificing the minimum number of moves to do it quickly, then going back over the sequence and cleaning it up, turning sequences of three or more moves into single moves, taking advantage of symmetry, and so on.

The other strategy is to focus all your attention on minimizing moves. This means focusing in ways you wouldn’t expect. For example, if you want to solve this puzzle in minimal moves, you should forget about getting a particular block into its final destination. Instead, focus on getting it out of your way, so it doesn’t block other blocks from getting where they need to go.

Key Takeaway

Block puzzle is a popular game. It is easy to play. Thanks to block puzzles, You can have a relaxed time after work and lessen your anxiety after a stressful day. There are several ways of getting good at block puzzles, as outlined above. Implement them, and you’ll be an expert at the game.

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