Turning A Wedding Into A Means Of Connecting With Family

Turning A Wedding Into A Means Of Connecting With Family

Around 71% of couples have postponed their wedding celebrations, with most citing the wish to celebrate in the presence of their loved ones as the primary reason. Indeed, if you think about it, many of a traditional wedding’s most memorable moments – including the walk down the aisle with the father of the bride, the role played by best men and bridesmaids (many of whom are family members), and the emotion of making little children in the family ring bearers – involve loved ones. If you have had to postpone your big day, the upside is that you have plenty of time to plan, and even family members who are far away can feel like part of the planning process. The following are just a few ways to make your celebration a family affair.

Harnessing Talent

If you have an uncle who loves to crochet, a cousin that is into calligraphy, or a sibling that loves making DIY gifts, then they can certainly add a personalized touch to your wedding. From wedding favors to invitations, there is a bevy of ways to make the most of talent that yearns to be expressed and shared with others. It could also save you on costs: consider the fact that the cost of hand-lettering envelopes for weddings ranges from $2 to $7 each. If you are sending out around 150 invites, that makes a total of up to $1,050.

Involving Younger Members Of The Family

If you have children of your own, or nieces, nephews, and cousins who would love to be part of your wedding, then there are many roles children can play in weddings. These include those of flower boy or girl, junior bridesmaids, and groomsmen, and ring bearers. These days, couples are finding new, dynamic ways to bring kids into the equation. Some hold cute signs, for instance; older kids can guard the guest book and ask guests to sign; some younger family members even ‘give the bride away’ – quite an emotional moment for those who are sensitive to the passage of time and the changing roles that each member fulfills in a family.

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Art, Memory And Fashion

Angelina Jolie and Chiara Ferragni donned two of the most iconic wedding fashions of all time. Jolie’s wedding dress (on her marriage to Brad Pitt) featured drawings made by their children. Ferragni’s dress, meanwhile, had a sizable skirt graced with images that meant something to her and her groom – including images of a ‘little lion’, in reference to her son, Leone. Even her shoes had a personal touch. Designed by Dir, they had the words ‘J’Adior Chiara’ scrawled over the strap that went around her ankle. Her dress also had hand painted lyrics from the song Favorisca i Sentimenti, written by her groom for her. You can also incorporate art created by children or adults in your family in original ways – from the place settings to vintage signs in the reception hall, or on the groom’s tie or the bride’s accessories.

If you have postponed your wedding, you might enjoy planning your big day alongside your family. Whether a cousin is pleased to help with your musical playlist or another offers to sing at the reception, saying ‘yes’ is a beautiful way to prioritize family and turn your celebration into more than a party. Children, too, can do their share in many ways – from creating art for invitations and decorations, right through to simply providing inspiration for your wedding fashions.

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