All Types Of Skins In League Of Legends

All Types Of Skins In League Of Legends

All Types Of Skins In League Of Legends League of Legends have various skins, and they generally act as cosmetics. They can change the animation, recall, and overall appearance of champions. See more about the game on this site here. Nowadays, there are more than 1,300 skins available in the game. Aside from these, skins are also added each month or season. Some of these costumes might get re-details and recolors because of their status as legacy skins, while others tend to remain the same.



Some price points might vary, but rarity is one of the factors that can certainly affect a skin’s cost. The oldest ones are seen in White Mage Veigar, Golden Alistar, and Assassin Master Yi, and they are often the cheapest costing about 390 RP. Many players have benefitted from the older skin versions because they can complete a quest and be given 400 RP. This will enable them to try out some skins without shelling out money. This is possible through the tutorial quest. Other costumes are available at different prices. They can range from 390 RP to 3250 RP. The more expensive an outfit is, the more it will be unique, and the animation is generally of higher quality. The older ones might undergo simple recoloring, but this will not change their recalls or animations. On the new releases that cost more than 3000 RP, the players should generally expect that there are unique mechanics, recall animation, and notable appearance when they buy these skins.

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Different Types to Know About

There are different tiers available, and they can range from Epic to Legendary. There are also new in-game sounds and voiceovers when you’re in the epic tier. You might also want to know how to get victorious skins in the game. These are the ones that are released each season, and they are only available during a certain period. For example, victorious Maokai was only available from the end of Season 6. If you were not playing back then, it might be a good idea to buy an account with this skin already available. Other options are the following:

Chroma: The champion receives a new texture change. This is one of the most basic, and the change is used by the player when some entities appear on emotes or if there are summoned units around.

Classic: These can range from 390 RP to 520 RP. There are splash images available and a significant change in texture. Most of the small models are also changed, and some visuals are updated. A great advantage of the classic or timeworn tier is that they don’t increase in price but expect that they won’t be released in the future.

Deluxe or Budget: In the deluxe tier, there will be an appearance change for the champion. New texture, splash images, and model changes are also available. Many have different visual effects and new animations, and like the classic tiers, these deluxe ones will not be available in the future. The last one that got released is the Unbound Thresh, and the cost is generally about 750 RP.

Superior or Standard:The standard tier provides a more immersive experience to players. They have sharper textures and brighter colors. The sounds are more than appropriate to the champion, and only a small number is expected to be available in the next few years.

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Epic: Skins in the epic tiers generally provides a champion with drastic changes making them unrecognizable from their original appearance at times. There will be new sounds, visual effects, texture, and models available, and sometimes, there’s further voice processing involved. It’s said that the newer ones that will be released in the future will get the epic tier.

Legendary: The legendary tier provides total immersion in the world of fantasy. The champion is re-imagined, and new visuals, voiceovers, animations, and splash images are available. They generally cost about 1820 RP.

Mythic: Mythic costumes are available from the shop or can be obtained through a token. However, most can be gotten from a re-roll, including Neo Pax Sivir. Meanwhile, the prestige edition offers more interesting VFX, splash, and borders. Others have themes based on events, or you can also craft them.

Ultimate: The ultimate tiers are the most expensive, pushing the boundaries regarding a champion’s appearance and style. This can bring something unexpected and new, and most models have unique sounds and images compared to the others. They also have bonus content available.

Facts about Legendary Skins

The legendary tier differs from the epic one with the 1350 RP tier because of the new in-game sounds and voiceovers. They can be available at 1820 RP, but there can be exceptions. The Surprise Party Fiddlesticks and Primetime Draven are legendary, but they are only available at a lower price point which is 975 RP. Nowadays, there are over 70 costumes available at the legendary tier. Most champions were lucky enough to receive at least one, while others have two or more. The ones with two are Ashe, Corki, Ahri, Lux, Thresh, Ezreal, Leona, Heimerdinger, and Cho’Gath. Yasuo is the only one with three available.

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Ultimate Tier

Another step above the legendary is the ultimate tier. Today, there are about six ultimate skins, each with specific and unique designs that make them stand out from the rest. They are the most expensive and take some more time to develop. Everything can take more time to ship, create, and craft, which is why only six of them currently exist.

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