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How To Use Salesforce for Donor Tracking

How To Use Salesforce for Donor Tracking

The Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack and Nonprofit Cloud have a full suite of features for tracking donor information. As this platform does not process donations, a Blackbaud Salesforce integration or the use of third-party fundraising tools is often necessary. No matter which software an organization uses, nonprofit management software can ensure donor information remains current across platforms.

How Omatic Helps With Donor Data in Salesforce

Salesforce NPSP has powerful relationship tracking capabilities. Nonprofits use this constituent relationship management software to manage donor contact information, demographics, and giving and engagement histories. Even if an organization generates records in Salesforce, it is still necessary to integrate fundraising platforms with this donation tracking software. Omatic is a dedicated integration solution built for nonprofits.

Omatic Cloud simplifies the management of the most pertinent fundraising data. Without the right approach to integrating data, staff and volunteers are likely to be tasked with a manual record entry. The automated import, export and data health features built into Omatic make it easier to maintain complete and correct donation records in Salesforce.

Leverage Data for Future Outreach

Successful donor outreach depends on the accessibility of current donation data across platforms. Accurate information about donation amounts, methods, and frequency of giving empowers organizations to plan ahead for future initiatives. Integrating fundraising data into Salesforce also sheds more light on constituents given this platform’s industry-leading engagement monitoring and volunteer management functions.

Organizations that unite Salesforce with the right integration platform gain universal access to donor information. The ability to import and export essential data across any platforms in use and take measures to correct, improve, segment, and query database records can transform the daily operations and long-term outcomes of any organization.

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Expand Donor Databases Over Time

The high quality of data made possible through successful automation and integration can advance a nonprofit on the path toward achieving its mission. Transcription errors that enter into records that are updated through manual methods and the duplicate records that might persist in the donor databases of organizations that do not use integration platforms capable of identifying redundancies can have immediate and prolonged effects on fundraising and engagement.

An organization that is focused on growth should strive to maintain the highest level of data accuracy and record completeness possible. Integration tools can make the most of constituent relationship management platforms such as Salesforce along with any other fundraising and outreach software. Data points derived from all of these platforms can make it possible to engage more meaningfully with current and past supporters and get commitments to give from a larger percentage of the existing donor pool while continuing to expand an organization’s base of constituents.

Salesforce NPSP is one of the most popular CRM software platforms used by organizations operating on a not-for-profit basis. This platform has a great deal of functionality for tracking contact information and engagement with individual and organizational donors. Nonprofit management software can make it easier to achieve a successful implementation by customizing the functionality of Salesforce for Nonprofits and standardizing donor data across every platform in use at an organization.

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