Weird Facts: Things That You Might Want to Know

Weird Facts: Things That You Might Want to Know

 Today, people are more eager to learn new things and gain more wisdom. As they live their lives to the fullest, they learn about certain events, how some things originated, and the history of animals and human beings. People can also learn even if they are outside the school, especially if you meet many people and ask many questions along the journey of life because learning everywhere is always possible.

Our planet is filled with wonderful and strange things. There are many times that some unexplainable and weird events can trigger our curiosity. It’s because people love weird and crazy ideas, and they can’t get enough of it. These are the amazing, mind-blowing, out of this world, and unbelievable facts that you need to know. If you want to know some of those facts, then you are in the perfect spot. This guide will provide you with what you need. With that, here’s a list of some weird facts that you might want to know.


Licking Your Elbow is Physically Impossible

It might be weird, but almost anyone can’t lick their elbows. The reason for this is that an average upper arm of a person is a bit long for the tongue to reach it. If you don’t believe it, then you must try it. With that fact, there are also stories that there are people who can reach their elbows with their tongue. It might be true if you are flexible enough to do it. If you have a long tongue and a short arm, then that would be possible.

A Bottled Water’s Expiration Date is Not For The Water

Bottled water does have an expiration date; although it is only for the bottle itself, once it expires, the bottles’ chemicals will start seeping into the liquid. The water with an expired bottle affects its taste and may also cause a serious health problem. And it does not only happen when the time of expiration comes, but the toxic compounds can also be there if the bottle is exposed in heat and hot delivery storage trucks or cars.

Michael Jordan Generated a Lot of Cash From The Brand Nike

Most people know that Michael Jordan was the superstar of Chicago Bulls and a basketball legend. Many would also say that he is the best basketball player to live, and he can live in that statement. Being a superstar and a legend has many perks. Throughout his basketball career, Jordan made millions of money from his salary and many of his many endorsers, especially Nike.

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You can read his career stats, but many don’t know that he made a lot of money from Nike. The money he made was bigger than combining the annual income of the Malaysian Nike factory clerks. The money is enough for Jordan to feed the world’s population a single meal.

An 11-Year-Old Invented The Popsicle

Frank Epperson was one 11 back then when he discovered the popsicle. It was a cold night in the year 1905 when he accidentally left his cup of powdered soda mixed with water outside overnight. The mixture then froze, and when he returned in the morning, he discovered the icy pop and devoured it.


Whenever we are curious, we should never deprive ourselves of knowing that certain information or fact. Always feed your brain with new knowledge because you can use it in the future. More facts are helpful, and some are just plain useless. Either way, we need to learn new things every day.

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