Why choose Delta 9 over Delta 8?

Both Delta 9 and Delta 8 are compounds of cannabinoids that have proven their ability to create psychoactive outcomes. However, there is a stark difference between these two variants primarily because of the “effects” that they produce.

People usually consume cannabinoids due to the variety of benefits provided by them. Delta 9 from TRE House could be considered the senior brother of Delta 8 as it is more potent and creates more lasting and satisfying effects.

This article will give you several compelling reasons which will prompt you to dump the Delta 8 products and go after Delta 9.

Nine Best Reasons for Choosing Delta 9 over Delta 8

Delta 9 Is More Powerful

Both Delta 9 and Delta 8 are extracted from the dried leaves of Marijuana but have a slight difference in their chemical structure. The location of a double bond in both these compounds varies, making Delta 9 more powerful, potent, and strong.

A product containing the Delta 9-THC can give you more “high” than Delta 8. As per a recent study conducted by a research agency, it was found that Delta 9 is twice as effective and robust as Delta 8.

  1. Delta 9 Makes You More Articulate

The products containing Delta 9 have a more remarkable ability to make you coherent. The users of these products have often expressed that after consuming Delta 9, they were incredibly relaxed, calm, and composed.

This calmness enabled them to attain coherence, and they were able to express their thoughts and viewpoints with greater clarity. Additionally, it enhances your concentration level and makes you express yourself more confidently.

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On the other hand, consuming products containing Delta 8 merely makes a person relaxed. There is little to negligible coherent effect. It is just that after consuming Delta 8, you will feel less stressed. It will neither enhance your focus nor impair your ability to create coherent thoughts.

  1. Delta 9 Creates a Greater Euphoric Effect

Almost all cannabinoids have the potential to stimulate the release of Dopamine, which is primarily responsible for making us feel happy and excited. It is a fact that the products containing Delta 9 have a more significant influence on our brain’s reward system.

In comparison to Delta 8, the products containing Delta 9 can release a larger dose of Dopamine, which creates a stronger feeling of pleasure and sensation.

  1. The Onset of Delta 9 Is Rapid and Instant

Delta 9 is more powerful and creates psychoactive effects that are more rapid, fast, and instant compared to Delta 8.

The onset of products containing Delta 8 is much slower and more gradual. They take considerable time in stimulating the central nervous system and binding with its receptors (CB1).

Whereas its big brother Delta 9 has a much shorter length, and it starts exhibiting its effects as soon as one consumes it.

  1. Delta 9 Creates a Stronger Anti-Convulsive Effect

One of the primary reasons for taking cannabinoids is to feel artificial pleasure. An uncontrolled rapid diffusion of neurotransmitters in the brain leads to electrical disturbances, which makes us restless, stressed and contributes towards depression and migraine.

Delta 9 is found potent enough to immediately slow down this diffusion process and return an instant feeling of relaxation and tranquillity.

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The products containing Delta 8 also reduce the speed of flow of neurons, but not with the same level of potency. This reduces the level of ultimate satisfaction and quality of user experience.

  1. Delta 9 Gives an Instant Relief from Pain

Widely known for its euphoric effect, Delta 9 can relieve you from pain much quicker and faster than Delta 8.

A recent study, conducted for 7 months over 172 patients, who were daily administered with 7.5 mg of Delta 9 –THC, further proved the therapeutic ability of this compound. Most of the patients felt a reduced pain intensity with manageable side effects.

  1. Delta 9 Normalizes the State of Hallucination

An overactive sensory cortex and disorders in the frontal lobe are primarily responsible for perceiving things that are not present. This creates a state of paranoia and thought disorders in which a person generates inappropriate motor responses.

Delta 9, being anti-convulsing, helps reduce the flow of thoughts and makes a person more relaxed than Delta 8. It restores sanity and normalizes the overactive effect.

  1. Delta 9 Relieves From Stress More Quickly

It is astonishing but true. As per a recent survey, more than 73% of the world’s total population is experiencing different psychological symptoms due to stress.

Lack of money, job insecurity, relationship issues, and traumas are some of the most common reasons that have caused stress in human beings.

When uncontrolled, stress can wreak havoc on the human lifestyle due to changes in behavioral patterns and normal human functioning.

Delta 9 is a proven relaxing agent known to relieve stress-related symptoms much more quickly and efficiently than Delta 8.

  1. Delta 9 Improves The Appetite
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The loss of human appetite is directly attributed to an unsatisfying state in which a person experiences depression, monotony, nervousness, and anxiety.

Since Delta 9 can create a euphoric effect in human beings that leads to feelings of happiness, bliss, and excitement, it genuinely improves hunger drives.

Delta 9 is known to be twice as efficient as Delta 8. Hence, it improves the appetite with greater intensity and for a more extended period.


The natural metabolites, Delta 9 and Delta 8, are pretty much similar and can be taken in various ways like smoking, inhaling, or consuming edible products.

However, a slight difference in the structure of both these compounds makes Delta 9 considerably more potent and robust.

Hence, the users who wish to have a rapid and much more potent “effect” prefer to consume Delta 9 over Delta 8.

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