Wisdom teeth removal recovery tips

Wisdom teeth removal recovery tips

A painful wisdom tooth is irritating. It generally causes discomfort and illness that can disrupt your entire daily life and put you to bed. Get help with stubborn wisdom toothaches at dePacific’s wisdom tooth service. Here, you get expert oral surgeon service or an experienced dentist to extract a stubborn wisdom tooth and end your misery.

What are wisdom teeth?

People are not born with wisdom teeth. They are the third set of molars that grow in one’s late teens. They are the last teeth located at the back of your mouth,

Why remove wisdom teeth?

The wisdom teeth are said to have been impacted if they affect other teeth when growing. This especially happens when they do not have enough room to grow. Also, the wisdom teeth may be misaligned. This is when they face a different direction from the second molars. Additionally, the wisdom teeth may also fail to fully emerge and only partially erupt from the gum. This causes an opening through which bacteria can enter causing general illness, pain, and swelling.

How wisdom teeth are removed

Getting your wisdom teeth removed is a safe procedure that oral surgeons at dePacific’s wisdom tooth service are equipped to perform. The method used to remove wisdom teeth depends on how they have emerged. For fully developed wisdom teeth, a normal procedure can be used. However, those that are partially erupted or trapped in the gum there is a need for surgery.

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What you may experience after wisdom tooth removal surgery.

  1. Swollen cheeks.
  2. Pain.
  3. Stiff jaw
  4. Numb lip or tongue.
  5. Nasty taste in the mouth.

How do I heal fast after removal

It is advised that after treatment you drink a lot of water for quick recovery. And give yourself plenty of rest after getting your wisdom teeth removed. It is advised to get a sick note from your oral surgeon at dePacific’s wisdom tooth service. This is so you rest from work a day or two after wisdom tooth surgery. And use extra pillows to adequately support your head when you sleep

It is important to keep your mouth clean after surgery to avoid infection. Lightly rinse your mouth after meals. Use salted water to rinse your mouth. This helps your wound to heal fast and helps kill infection and bacteria. If you bleed after surgery, use gauze or a teabag. A bit on it directly over the bleeding wound. This helps blood clot and therefore stop the bleeding. After the surgery you may experience pain. Your oral surgeon at dePacific’s wisdom tooth service will prescribe pain medication to help relieve you. Pressing a cold cloth or ice over the sore can also relieve pain. This helps reduce swelling.

Furthermore, consume light foods such as eggs, smoothies, yogurt or mashed potatoes. If possible, maintain a diet that mainly consists of liquids. Heavily salted or spiced foods may cause pain and discomfort. Only consume foods that are not hard to chew until you feel can manage to chew. As you heal, increasing tough foods when chewing them is not painful. Also, avoid driving and do not smoke before healing. It delays healing and may cause infection. Finally, when healed get an appointment with your oral surgeon at dePacific’s wisdom tooth service to get your stitches removed.

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Things to Avoid

  • Avoid vigorous rinsing and spitting
  • Avoid hot drinks, drinks with caffeine and alcohol
  • Tough foods like biltong are not advised at all hours after the surgery. Minimize chewing and allow for healing.
  • Avoid forceful, strong, and vigorous exercises just after surgery. Allow healing to take place first.

To Sum Up

Most people recover from wisdom tooth removal surgery from five days to two weeks. However, it might be months after the surgery before the wound totally heals. Therefore, it is important to be prudent as you remain vulnerable to infection during this period. Get your tooth removed at dePacific’s wisdom tooth service and you will be back to your normal before you know it.

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