Is YourPhone.exe Safe for Your PC

YourPhone.exe Safe for Your PC?

Is YourPhone.exe Safe for Your PC: You may have seen that in the Configuration tab you have upgraded your Desktop to Windows 10 with the most common phone app like the symbol.

Yourphone.exe is the name, and all live alerts are shown at the Windows 10 contact center directly on your android phone or iPhone. It is called YourPhone.exe.

You don’t even have to press your ear to see who is calling or texting.

As the program is very recent and most Windows users are not accustomed to this framework yet, if this is a virus type, please review YourPhone.exe file in the task manager.

This is a virus. Not too ..!! Initially implemented in “Create 2018,” the “Microsoft Your Mobile” or “Logitech G HUB” formatting part of the YourPhone.exe process. Here in this article, we will discuss how you can Disable Yourphone.exe effectively,

In this guide we have,

  • What is yourphone.exe?
  • Disabling YourPhone.exe

What is YourPhone.exe?

YourPhone.exe is the key component in Windows which never causes problems. It is located in the “C:\Program Files” subfolder. It’s a Microsoft app that is synced with Android or iOS phones into your Windows 10 Computer.

This provides a range of cross-device opportunities from your phone and PC. Having the same Microsoft account on the phone and the Windows PC, consumers may for example share images and messages through platforms such as Windows10, Android, and Apple.

That’s possibly why the loop is still going on in the background, because YourPhone.exe will also send updates to your desktop on your Android or iOS app.Your Phone Software on Windows 10 helps you to specify what sort of mobile phone you have:

  1. Link your phone and your Computer to open a broad range of interfaces. (Android and iPhone)
  2. Latest pictures of your devices on your Computer (Android only).
  3. View and send text messages from your Computer (Android only)
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The task manager will not emerge until you have the wizard worked. The Windows session will be Running History when your phone begins. Even after the application is closed.

While the program for the synchronization of Android and iOS devices with Windows computed devices has begun, it is important to provide a stable Wi-Fi / Internet connection on both devices ( e.g. Windows and Phone).

In the case of real-time notification access, picture synchronization, screen mirroring, text message control, etc., the same Microsoft account is often needed on mobile and Windows computers.

Yet your Telefon can not transfer instant messages directly from your Windows device to your smartphone via WhatsApp or Telegram.

Disabling YourPhone.exe

YourPhone.exe does not utilize that much RAM for those who are not using it frequently. By disabling YourPhone.exe like certain UWP device protocols, users can save machine energy.

YourPhone.exe is an inconvenient application with a CPU power of only 1 percent. Uninstalling the device does not increase the performance of a conventional PC. Otherwise, this app is still a good app for you.

Consequently, we do not find the Yourphone program to be deleted. It is enjoyed by users who are not worth uninstalling YourPhone.exe for Windows 10 updates.

In certain cases, once you enter YourPhone.exe for heavy CPU or heavy disk use, you will attempt to avoid using Windows 10 from accessing your computer. The YourPhone software can even be disabled if necessary.

  1. Open task manager
  2. Look for the Yourphone.exe option at the Processes tab, right-click it to End task


Having said that, the guide to disabling YourPhone.exe came to an end.


We hope that we were able to deliver the best alternatives for you and this guide will help you to understand about this exe.file. For more guides like this, you can contact us as we truly value your feedback!

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