10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gold and Other Precious Metals

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gold and Other Precious Metals

Little Known Facts About Precious Metals

Many people think that they know everything about gold and other precious metals. However, there are some things that you might not know. There are many little-known facts about these precious metals, and you might like to know these facts. You might have known about some of these facts, but they are interesting, nonetheless.

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This article will help you to learn some little-known facts about precious metals, including gold. There are some interesting facts that you can share with your friends. Your friends will be amazed at all these facts. There are some things they might know already, but they are still very interesting.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gold and Other Precious Metals

Interesting Facts

  1. Precious Metals Come from the Stars – Most people think that most awesome from the ground – and they do. But what you might not have known is that they start in the stars. You might see people and companies removing the ores from the earth, but that is not where they came from.

These metals generally come from explosions of stars that are called supernovas. There weren’t many ores when the earth first formed, but after about 200 million years and many meteorites hit later, many metal deposits happened. Gold, silver, platinum, and palladium are all ores that have come from the stars:https://www.pnas.org/doi/10.1073/pnas.2026110118. Some of these metals are more readily available than others.

  1. You Can Eat Some Metals – Some ores are edible and have been used in foods, especially the yellow ones. Royalty from long ago used this in their foods to show how wealthy they were. People who have lots of money nowadays might buy alcohol that has this floating in it. There are others who have made it a frosting for cakes and other things.
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It isn’t something that you would want to eat on a regular basis, but it is edible for you. Imagine being at a party where you were served alcohol that had floating ores in it or had a cake with this type of frosting.

  1. There’s Not That Much Gold in the World – If you put all the yellow metal in the world in one spot it would be a cube that would be less than about 100 feet per side. That is smaller than a football field! There is about seven times that amount of silver in the world.

People think that it is a lot more prevalent than that, but those are the facts. See here to see what others have to say about it. The reason people think that is because it is often melted down and used again. Many people sell their chains and rings so that they can be melted down and used for other items later.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gold and Other Precious Metals

  1. There is Gold Inside of Us – Even if you have never eaten it, there are some ores inside your body. There are about 0.2 milligrams of gold in every 150 pounds of body weight. That’s not a lot, but it is still interesting that it happened.

At one time people with certain types of arthritis were taking gold shots to help with their symptoms. This doesn’t happen anymore because of the many side effects that came along with it. It became an outdated practice pretty quickly.

  1. There are Precious Metals that We Can’t Reach – Most of these precious ores are hidden at the bottom of the ocean. There are about 20 million tons of yellow ore that are known to be at the bottom of the ocean, and who knows how many other precious ores are down there?
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The big problem is that it is difficult to mine what is down there and there has been no good way to do so yet. This will potentially change in the future since there is a limited amount of these ores on the earth. People are always trying to find new ways to mine precious ores.

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  1. There is an Asteroid Worth $10 Quintillion – There is asteroid that is floating around between Mars and Jupiter that has a solid gold core. This would be worth $10 quintillion on earth – and would be worth more than the entire economy of the world. There are no plans to harvest this gold anytime soon, but if there was a country that could do it would never have issues with money again. An asteroid of that size would destroy the Earth if it were to hit it.
  2. You Can Mold Pure Gold with Your Hand –The yellow ore is very malleable, which means that you can mold it with your hands. That is why most things that are made from this precious metal are actually alloys so that they don’t get bent out of shape easily. Although it might be fun to mold the yellow ore like you would with clay, the object wouldn’t be worth as much money. That is why alloys are added. The alloys help to make the precious metal stronger so that we can enjoy it longer.
  3. You Can Stretch Yellow Ore – Since it is malleable, you can stretch this precious metal, meaning that it is also ductile. You can stretch an ounce of t nearly five miles long. There has been a string that has been created with this ore that has been used to embroider items. Imagine having a material that was embroidered with real gold. This has happened with royalty and others who have had lots of money.
  4. It’s Been Banned in the US at Times – During the Great Depression, it was illegal for you to own any gold at your home or bank. This was because the country’s currency was backed by the gold standard which meant that if there was no yellow ore there could be no currency. This was stopped in 1974 by President Richard Nixon and now our currency is not backed by anything. Once the currency was no longer backed by the yellow ore, everyone could own it again.
  5. You Can Own Many Precious Metals – You can buy many precious metals including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They come at all different prices, but silver is the least expensive. Many people buy these precious metals and use them for their retirement portfolios. Other people just buy it so that they can have it in case of an economic downturn. No matter the reason, gold, and precious metals are always good investments.
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There are many interesting facts about precious metals, especially gold. There are a few of these facts that not many people know about, while others are common knowledge. You can eat gold and you have gold in your body – even if you don’t eat it. Gold and other metals are extremely malleable, and you must add alloys to them so that they don’t melt.

The yellow ore is also very ductile, and an ounce can be stretched as long as a mile. If you put all the yellow ore in the world in one place, it would only be a cube that was only 100 feet per side – which is less than a football field. Precious metals came from the stars and were not originally on the earth when the earth was formed.

Gold and precious metals are very interesting, as well as very valuable. You can buy precious metals from a low of around $25 to a high of around $2500. These precious metals are used for retirement accounts in some cases and as a hedge against an economic downturn in others.