What to Do if Your Car Is Stuck in Snow

What to Do if Your Car Is Stuck in Snow


What to Do if Your Car Is Stuck in Snow

Are you having trouble getting your car to start on snowy mornings?

When the snow pins up outside, sitting in a car and trying to start it is the last thing anyone wants to do. Unfortunately, those who drive in snowy conditions need to know what to do if they find their car stuck in snow.

Do you know the proper way of freeing your car? Do you know how to find an auto locksmith when you need one?

Before you find yourself in a harsh or dangerous situation, read on. The tips below will help you learn how to navigate tricky driving in snow situations so you can stay safe.

Assessing the Situation

If your car is stuck in the snow, the first step is to assess the situation. Start by examining the condition of your vehicle. For example, if the car is stuck in two feet of snow, it’s a good idea to gather some help.

Check if there’s any snow stuck to the tires and clear it away as much as possible. If you’re dealing with an icy road, you must be extra careful. Look around and see if you can salvage some traction and move your vehicle out of the slippery surface.

Consider the type of vehicle you have and the tweaks you can make to gain the traction you need. If your all-wheel-drive car gets stuck on ice, you must know how to get out. For example, you may need to put the car in reverse to break the ice’s hold on the wheels.

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Building Traction

If your car is stuck in the snow, you can take a few steps to try and build traction so you can get moving again. First, clear the area around the tires of snow so that you can spread gritty material like sand, kitty litter, gravel, or salt to help the tires grip the road.

Rock the car gently and slowly by alternating between driving forward and reverse until you get your wheels going and feel the car start to move. Put the car in the lowest gear. If you have a manual or automatic transmission, shift to the second or third gear.

If the car still doesn’t budge, you may need a tow or assistance from a vehicle with a better tire footprint.

Calling a Professional

If your car submerged in snow, the best way to determine what to do is to assess where you are stuck and how deep the snow is. If the snow is over your wheel and the vehicle cannot drive out, it is better to call a professional from https://www.plowbusters.com.

They may have materials under the tires to help with wheel traction and their tow trucks. It is recommended that you never attempt to drive away in your car, as this may cause more damage to the vehicle.

Know What to Do When Car Stuck in Snow

If you find your car stuck in snow, don’t panic. Taking the proper steps to get out of this sticky situation can help you remain safe and get on your way.

In worst-case scenarios, you may never be able to free your vehicle by yourself. Contact a tow truck for assistance if you fail to release your car.

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