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10 Top-rated Tourist Attractions in the USA in 2022

Considering its diverse landscapes and exhilarating scenic beauty, the US is one of the preferred tourist destinations among travellers worldwide. From the mountains of Alaska to the beaches of California, one can witness incredible landscapes across the country.

10 top-rated tourist attractions in the USA in 2022

India is already one of the most preferred nations for studying abroad and working. Notably, many Indians choose this country for foreign trips as well. However, one needs to apply for a US tourist visa from India in the first place to be eligible for vacation in the US.

If you are planning an upcoming trip to the USA, refer to this article for crucial details.

What are the best tourist destinations in the USA in 2022? 

There’s an endless list of tourist spots in the USA. However, here are 10 of them one can consider visiting in 2022:

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, located in northern Arizona, is among the most attractive tourist spots. The canyons carved out by the Colorado River for ages have created mesmerising cliff walls that never fail to captivate visitors.

However, most visitors spend their time in the South Rim, a popular section of the Grand Canyon. Apart from these, the Skywalk, Eagle Point, North Rim, etc. are other notable spots in this location.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is composed of a set of three falls, namely, American Falls, Horseshoe Falls, and Bridal Veil Falls. This captivating waterfall is located along the borders of Canada and the USA.

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Summer is the best time to visit this place for tourists to enjoy a colourful landscape. However, the ice-covered shores, streets and trees in winters are nothing less than an alluring frozen kingdom.

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Statue of Liberty

Unveiled on October 28, 1886, the Statue of Liberty is known as the universal symbol of freedom. A tour to the USA remains incomplete without visiting this statue in the New York Harbour. Tourists glance from various parts of the city and capture this iconic statue on their cameras from different angles.

White House

James Hoban built the White House in 1792. However, as the British forces burnt it down in 1814, it was rebuilt in 1818. It is the official residence of the US president; George Washington was an exception, though.

One can visit this place for free but should opt for a reservation three months before the tour. Being the official residence of the sitting US President, the White House always remains under strict surveillance.

Walt Disney World Resort

The Walt Disney World Resort is one of the most popular amusement parks in the world. It combines themed parks such as Epcot, Animal Kingdom, Water Park, Hollywood Studios, etc. This mega amusement park, inaugurated in 1971, is a top attraction for tourists of all ages.

Apart from an amusement park, Walt Disney Resort includes shopping, theatres, dining, golf, etc. Summer and winter months are the peak time when tourists crowd up at this place with their little ones.

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Being one of the most famous beaches in the Pacific, Waikiki allures tourists with its beautiful coastline. This beach, set in the convergence of tall buildings and tropical landscapes, is an exceptional tourist attraction. One can enjoy nature in the comfort of city life.

Las Vegas Strip

A U.S trip would remain incomplete without a tour along the Las Vegas Strip. This famous street is lined up with recreations of various popular international landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, New York Skyline, etc.

One can stroll down the streets enjoying repetitive music shows and performances. After exploring this place, one can also enjoy other adjacent places of attractions like Hoover Dam, Death Valley National Park, etc.

Yosemite National Park

Tourists interested in hiking, climbing, and horseback riding must explore this park. It is one of the top-rated places to visit in California for nature lovers. The must-visits of this place include amazing granite domes of Half Captain and E.I. Captain, magnificent waterfalls, etc.

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Golden Gate Bridge

The Golden Gate Bridge, built in 1930s, connects Marin County and San Francisco. Though known as Golden Gate, the bridge is reddish-orange in colour, contrasting San Francisco Bay’s blue water. And this colour contrast creates an aesthetic eye-soothing view. This two miles long bridge is also a part of Hwy 101.

Times Square

Times Square is one of the busiest intersections of Midtown Manhattan. It is a busy place with a rush of cabs during the daytime. However, the night view of this place is astonishing with its flashing billboards and a constant crowd of people. Watching the New Year’s Eve Countdown in Times Square is a must-to-do thing on a Christmas trip to the USA.

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Things to keep while planning your trip

While planning a foreign trip, one must keep the following things handy:

  • Get your visa 

While planning a USA trip, the first step is to apply for a travel visa. Getting a visa is mandatory as travellers cannot enter a foreign land without it. However, to secure your tour, you must opt for travel insurance for USA.

  • Get travel insurance

Travel insurance offers financial coverage against losses or expenses from unexpected mishaps during a foreign trip. Anyone going for a foreign trip can get travel insurance for a tension-free and smooth visit.

  • Prepare your itinerary

From getting a visa to deciding the number of days required to visit popular US spots, one must plan everything before handed. Visiting a different country is exciting but also includes substantial planning. Prepare an itinerary after researching the places you would like to visit.

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• Stay aware of health advisories in place

One must stay safe and healthy to experience an unforgettable foreign trip. Therefore, one must undergo the necessary medical check-ups before planning a trip to ensure health status. Moreover, necessary precautions must be taken for a safe and secure journey.

Foreign trips are always exciting and adventurous. However, planning the trip carefully for a hassle-free and enjoyable stay is essential. Tourists planning for a US trip can refer to this guide to plan their US visit in the best possible way.

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