3 Steps to a better sleep

3 Steps to a better sleep

Falling asleep at night is something many people struggle with. It can impact your day a lot because sleep is so important for the body. This is where the body has time to heal and resituate from a long day and get ready for new challenges. Sleep deprivation is not only uncomfortable but can also be very dangerous.

A study was done on doctors who work long shifts at night and get little sleep showed that this had a huge impact on their reaction. The lack of sleep had the same effect as being influenced by alcohol. Your work, school, and everyday tasks cannot be completed well if you are tired, and we bet you want to know how you can sleep better at night.

So put your phone away and get comfy. Many people have a hard time putting their phones away when going to sleep at night. There are a lot of opportunities these days for playing an online game and even betting on e-sports. In recent years e-sports has eclipsed athletic sports in popularity and it can become so gripping that it’s hard not to pay attention.

If you can manage to put away your phone when going to bed, here’s some advice for you if you want a better sleep at night.

Get a comfortable bed

If you have trouble falling asleep, suffer from sleep anxiety, or often wake up during the night, this can be because of your bed. We, humans, spend around 1/3 of our life in bed and it has a huge impact on both sleep and taking care of our body. It is important to find a bed that is tailored to your needs, whether you like it soft, firm, or adjustable to your needs.

Make sure you have a mattress that supports parts of your body like hips, shoulders, and neck. This will make the best more comfortable while also taking care of your body. On the very top, there should be a top mattress that can regulate the softness and firmness of the bed. Pair this with nice bedding in natural materials and sleep like a baby all night.

3 Steps to a better sleep

Your room is your sanctuary

Your room is an important part of the amount of quality sleep you get. This should be designed in a way that creates a peaceful and calming environment. As a minimum, the room should have a window that can be opened for fresh air and the ability to become pitch black. Some like to have air diffusers in the room as well, to make sure the air stays good all night.

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If possible, try to separate your sleeping are from for example working are or place to watch tv. While many people like to lay in their bed during the day to watch Netflix, eat, and work, it is shown to have an impact on your sleep schedule. Only using the bed at night to sleep tells the body when and where to relax.

Keep out the noise

While some people can fall asleep everywhere, whether it be a train, airport, or in class, others need it to be completely quiet. This can be a challenge if you have a snoring partner or a baby that cries during the night. If possible, make sure to keep the room quiet when you sleep, this can be by turning off notifications on your phone, letting kids and pets sleep in separate rooms, or even use earplugs.

Good sleep is more important than ever and should always be prioritized.

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