How Games, Sports and More Are Taking the Smartphone Experience to a New Level

How Games, Sports and More Are Taking the Smartphone Experience to a New Level

It is very easy to take smartphones for granted these days. After all, we turn to them for so many activities and tasks, with a number of brands offering apps and services that are compatible with the devices.

However, the experience that we get with those mobile services can of course vary. The design and structure of some sites and apps can be very user-friendly, while they may also be responsive and offer some innovative features. On the flip side, you may run into some that simply cannot match that level of performance.

So, with that in mind, which services are currently excelling in terms of providing a strong mobile experience? Here, we consider the eye-catching capabilities of several platforms and examine how they could take your mobile experience to a new level.

Great gaming

Gaming has been a major hit on smartphones and tablets in recent years, with many different styles now readily available on the devices. However, one genre that has really embraced the format is casino gaming.

The online casino sector has been in rude health for some time and many brands are now operating in the space, providing games like slots, roulette, and blackjack in a variety of styles. While some have used apps to bring their platforms to mobile, others have focused on developing high-quality mobile sites. A good example of what is now possible with the latter can be found with Genesis Casino on mobile.

The site states that its members get a “flawless” mobile experience, with it offering efficiency and smoothness. Most of its wide range of casino games is available through the service, so players have many options at their fingertips. The mobile site can also be accessed across Apple devices, Android systems, and others running Windows and Linux. It adds that the benefits of using its service include easy access to games and no need for downloads.

Augmented elements

So, while casino gaming may have effectively embraced the mobile experience, which other services offer a strong performance on smartphones and tablets? Well, one area that has developed links to mobile in recent years is the sports world, with fresh innovations giving fans a new angle on their favorite teams.

For example, it was recently reported that AT&T has worked with the Chicago Bulls to add a new statistics feature to the latter’s app. AT&T StatsZone lets users look at a range of statistics in an augmented reality view. Fans will also be able to send key clips and other elements to friends, relatives, and social media. Dan Moriarty, the senior director of digital at Chicago Bulls, said StatsZone will bring fans “closer to the action”.

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Another area that has been transformed by mobile is shopping and innovations are emerging on that front too. For example, have you ever wanted to check what furniture might look like in a room before you buy it? Last month, Wired reported on a new augmented reality app unveiled by furniture giant Ikea.

The Ikea Studio tool was created by SPACE10 and it lets users design rooms in a range of ways. Furniture, new wall colors, and other elements can be added, while designs can be sent to others for their views. The website added that the app is based around Apple technology, as it makes use of LiDAR sensors on the iPhone Slots(สล็อต).

Incredible capabilities

Modern smartphones can help us with so many day-to-day tasks, but the technology they feature can also do some mind-blowing things as well.

The examples above highlight how high-quality gaming can be enjoyed on such systems, while the devices can also give us a fresh angle on sports and our overall shopping experience. It is incredible to reflect on the different services that could take your smartphone usage to a whole new level and we cannot wait to see what else might be in the pipeline.

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