5 Romantic Activities in Cancun for Couples

Cancun became the world’s number-one beach destination in 2023, and it’s not hard to see why! From surfing and stunning views to legendary night markets and restaurants, this Mexican city has everything a couple could want in a holiday destination.

Finding things to do in Cancun for couples is easy, but you want only the best and most romantic for the person you love most. That’s why we’ve picked the five best couples’ activities out of thousands of possibilities. Keep reading our curated list and be inspired for your couple’s getaway.


1. JOYA by Cirque du Soleil

Experience the wonder of seeing real Cirque du Soleil acrobats performing jaw-dropping stunts and inspiring dances. If there’s a show available during your trip, then it’s a wonder you and your partner have to experience! Many people time their visit to Cancun with the show’s availability in mind.

2. Nighttime Gondola Trip

Newcomers are often stunned that Cancun has canals reminiscent of Venice, and you can take a trip on a gondola (or trajinera) under the moonlight! You can even hire a traditional local musician to serenade you and your love with local love ballads as you float.

3. Flying Dress Photoshoot

One of the main Cancun attractions for couples is the iconic flying dress photoshoot session. Many couple’s resorts in Cancun offer this service through an in-house photographer.

After donning a long, flowing dress, you’ll head down to the beach and let the breeze hold it up as the photographer snaps you and your partner. A photo like this would be a great snapshot of the unforgettable getaway.

4. Cenote Swimming and Surfing

If you’re looking for romantic adventures in Cancun, the place has the best ocean attractions on the planet. Be sure to book a hotel close to a cenote diving site or surfing beach, and be ready to hit the waters after you land in Cancun.

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The surfing is fantastic (especially between June and October when the waves are enormous), and board rentals are cheap. Cenote dives are best done as part of tour packages because you visit several in a few days, and it’s safer that way. Tour packages often include kayaking and ziplining as well.

5. Tulum Archeological Site

If you’re more adventurous in an Indiana Jones way, you can visit the fantastic Tulum ruins. These are the best-preserved ruins of the ancient Mayans near the coast. It’s an interesting historical site with scenic beaches and tropical views (great for photos).

Finding More Things to Do in Cancun for Couples

If you’re looking for somewhere fabulous to take your special someone, book a Cancun vacation. There are tons of interesting cultural activities to experience and great adventures to be had in the ocean. You can even experience Mexico’s ancient history by visiting some historical sites.

The real trick isn’t finding things to do in Cancun for couples; it’s finding a way to cram them all into one vacation (and maybe pay for them). If you need time management, money-making, or any other lifestyle advice, head to our blog page today.