5 Undeniable Benefits of Going Solar for Your Home

5 Undeniable Benefits of Going Solar for Your Home

Solar energy in the United States is expected to increase by 400% by the end of this decade.

Homeowners across the country are flocking to solar panels and for good reason. Switching to solar helps your wallet, your community, and the planet.

How can going solar for home power have such a widespread effect? Here are five benefits you’ll see by getting solar panels for your home.

1. Say Goodbye to High Energy Bills

With states across the country seeing extreme heatwaves, many people are opening their energy bills to see record-high costs. Meanwhile, homes with solar energy are seeing the opposite.

If you install a solar system for your home, you’ll begin generating your own electricity immediately. You’ll also see an automatic decrease in your energy bill.

Depending on how many panels you get, you may be able to power more than your home needs. You can store excess energy in a battery or potentially receive money back from the energy company.

Be sure to consult with experts like blueravensolar.com/state-ohio to ensure you have the best setup for your home. Solar technology has come a long way and you can now get advanced systems for lower costs.

2. Combat Climate Change

Traditional sources of energy like coal, gas, and oil all negatively impact the environment. They create greenhouse gases, pollute the air, and are finite resources.

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Meanwhile, solar energy for home use has a more positive impact on the environment. Solar panels require little upkeep, so once yours are installed you’ll immediately make a positive impact on the environment.

With countries across the world beginning to see the negative impacts of climate change, it is a good time for all people to look at small ways that they can make improvements.

3. Cash-in on Tax Incentives

The federal government offers the investment tax credit (ITC) to put a major dent in the costs of going solar. Those who install a system by the end of 2022 can receive a tax credit of 26% of the cost of installation.

The ITC is scheduled to expire within a few years, so those looking to benefit will need to do so soon.

In addition to the federal tax credit, many states and cities also offer tax incentives. Between the tax benefits and the decreased energy bills, your solar panels will eventually more than pay for themselves.

4. Watch Your Home Value Increase

Landscaping and new appliances can offer an increased home value. But the increased value that this offer is fleeting. Landscaping requires upkeep and appliances devalue quickly with some use.

Solar energy, on the other hand, will develop a long-lasting increase in your home’s value. Even if you do not plan on selling within the next few years, you’ll still benefit from the value of solar panels for years to come.

5. Rely on Your Power Source

When you install solar power for your home, you’ll get your power from a reliable source. This gives you both short-term and long-term benefits.

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If power outages affect your neighborhood, you can have a battery backup to rely upon. You’ll be able to have power as normal.

In the long term, solar power will continue to be easy to obtain as other sources like oil and natural gas dwindle.

Solar for Home for Life

Going solar for your home will benefit you and your community immediately. The benefits won’t quickly dwindle, either. Going solar is a way to make a long-lasting impact.

Looking for other ways to save money and the environment? Check out our other articles for tips. We offer concrete tips on how to make the most of your life!

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