How can TOSTEM Aluminum Doors and Windows

How can TOSTEM Aluminum Doors and Windows

Your home should be a place of comfort and serenity. After a long day at work, coming home should bring you a sense of joy, fulfilment, and tranquillity. You should be able to truly relish your time at home and relax. All this is possible when your home becomes noise-free.

Unfortunately, many of us live in metropolitan cities where noise pollution is a de-facto companion. Hearing external noises like car honks, screaming vendors, and the joyful noises of children playing on the nearby playground is far too familiar, making 5 minutes of pure silence incredibly difficult to achieve.

How can TOSTEM Aluminum Doors and Windows Help You Make Your Home Soundproof?

This blog will discuss why you should explicitly invest in aluminium doors and windows made by TOSTEM INDIA to soundproof your home. Let’s begin.

The sound-proofing efficiency of TOSTEM aluminium doors & windows is tested and confirmed by Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS):

TOSTEM aluminium windows and doors are quality assured and certified by Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS). JIS has tested the sound insulating property of TOSTEM aluminium doors and windows in verified test labs. On proper inspection, the JIS has given a 25 dB(A) noise level rating to their doors and windows, which is the equivalent of a whisper.

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Doors and windows with a noise level rating of 60 dB(A) are categorised as noisy. Any rating below 60 dB(A) is categorised as quiet and noise-free. That TOSTEM aluminium products enjoy a noise level rating of just 25 dB(A) shows that they do a fantastic job at sealing noise leakage.

While TOSTEM products do not promise to bring pin-drop silence to your homes, they drastically reduce the noise leakage into your homes. Read on to learn what makes this possible in the upcoming points.

TOSTEM uses silicone sealants, EPDM gaskets, and nano gaskets to equip their aluminium systems with noise-fighting properties:

Intuitive manufacturing is the need of the day. By exploring smart Japanese innovation in the design architecture of their aluminium doors and windows, TOSTEM has successfully engineered sound-insulated doors and windows which provides optimum sound-proofing. Here’s how:

  • EPDM Gaskets at Interlocks: EPDM gaskets are air-tight and conventionally used in car doors. The usage of EPDM gaskets between two sashes and the outer frames of TOSTEM aluminium doors and windows makes sound insulation a possibility.
  • Silicone Sealants At Corners: Silicone sealant is a liquid metal often used in automobiles to block dust and repel sound. The use of 5 mm thick silicone sealants at all corners of TOSTEM aluminium doors and windows prevents sound leakage. It ensures air-tightness and better sealing, thus adding an extra layer of protection from sound disturbances.
  • Nano Gaskets: Parts of a door and window, especially the joints, are difficult to seal. The tightness of screws will not prevent sound leakage completely. Using nano gaskets (a micro-sized gasket) at the profile interlocks, TOSTEM safeguards even the tiniest of gaps against sound leakage.
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TOSTEM uses thick glass panels in their aluminium doors & windows to further achieve sound-proofing efficiency:

You can successfully block sound from entering your home just by using thicker and better quality glass on your doors or windows. But that will depend on the frame’s ability to support the weight of the glass panel. If the weight exceeds the limit, the door or window will collapse. That’s something you don’t have to worry about when you install aluminium doors and windows.

Aluminium is strong and durable and can support heavy weight better and more efficiently than any other material for windows and doors. Aluminium doors and windows can support thick glass panels that ensure noise reduction of up to 51 dB (A).

What makes aluminium doors and windows made by TOSTEM INDIA extra special is their use of thick glass panels of up to 31.5 mm, which helps their products achieve noise reduction of up to 25 dB(A). As demonstrated in the first point, this is the sound or noise equivalent of a whisper. It is officially categorised in the ‘quiet neighbourhood’ sound category.


To conclude, there are several sound-proofing options that you can explore, but installing TOSTEM aluminium doors and windows are the most effective noise-reducing solutions you will find. From thick glass panels to EPDM gaskets and silicone sealants, the clever use of intuitive engineering techniques for noise reduction and preventing sound leakage makes TOSTEM aluminium doors and windows a must-have for homeowners looking for a noise-reducing housing solution.

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