8 Best Marijuana Strains for Relaxing

Everyone deals with stress, but since the COVID pandemic, anxiety and depression cases have increased by a quarter.

Regardless of where your anxiety stems from, it’s essential to get it under control. Many people use marijuana as a way to relax, without having to rely on addictive prescriptions. If you’re hoping to manage your anxiety with a more holistic approach, you can start with a single puff.

Check out the info below if you want a look at the best marijuana strains for combatting anxiety!


1. Girl Scout Cookies

If you see GSC hemp flowers, you can trust they will taste delicious from the first hit to the last.

Girl Scout Cookies is a delicious blend of OG Kush and Durban Poison. This is the perfect marijuana for stress if you don’t want to mellow out too much or not get enough. Girl Scout Cookies marijuana will relieve stress, but you might want to fill your pantry with some real cookies first.

Since this is a hybrid strain, you can get the best of both worlds, while inhaling a delicious aroma.

2. Blue Dream

One of the best marijuana strains to try if you suffer from anxiety is Blue Dream.

Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant strain, which helps mellow the mind and body without putting you in a daze. It creates a smooth hit that resembles the taste of blueberries. Blueberry and Haze create Blue Dream, so if you’ve enjoyed them in the past, this is a great option.

Many people say they experience a stronger body high with Blue Dream, but it will depend on your exposure to THC. If you don’t have much knowledge of terpenes and cannabinoids, take small hits to start with. You can make appropriate adjustments as you understand how the strain impacts your body and mind.

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3. Strawberry Cough

What happens when you combine Girl Scout Cookies and the Purple Panty Dropper?

Strawberry Cough is the result of this wonderful blend and many people use this strain of marijuana for stress. This is a Sativa-dominant strain that helps you focus, without feeling overwhelmed or stuck in a head high. This is a great option for people who want to smoke while doing something creative since it can help you push the boundaries.

The terpenes and cannabinoids in Strawberry Cough create one of the most delicious strains in the industry. If you look up the best-tasting strains, this one will be found on almost every list. If you’re new to smoking, Strawberry Cough is a great place to start since the hits are smooth and refreshing.

4. Northern Lights

If you struggle to sleep through the night and unwind after work, you should try Northern Lights.

Northern Lights is a calming type of marijuana since it’s almost completely Indica-dominant. Indica strains are a bit more powerful, so you don’t want to try Northern Lights at the start of the day or under pressure. Once you’re ready to unwind, you can take a puff of the Northern Lights and watch the stars until you fall asleep.

Citrus, wood, and pine-like undertones create a pleasant taste and aroma. This strain creates a euphoric experience you won’t want to end.

5. Gelato

Another strain that’s predominantly Indica is Gelato.

Gelato is still considered to be a hybrid, so there’s a balance between uplifting and soothing effects. If you want to smoke during the day or while working on a project, Gelato is recommended. Although this might be a more expensive strain, the fruity and vanilla ice cream flavors are worth the cost.

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Many beginner smokers enjoy Gelato because of its sweet flavors and aromatics. You don’t have to go to Italy to enjoy a creamy, fruit flavor.

6. Purple Hindu Kush

Marijuana strains help soothe different symptoms and aches.

Purple Hindu Kush is an excellent strain for treating discomfort because of its potency. You can relax and sleep through the night with this strain, but be aware that you can zone out. If you want to get your Purple Hindu Kush from a reputable seller, check out these hemp flowers!

If you enjoy sweet grapes, spices, and pine, this will be an easy strain to get used to. The unique flavor profile is unforgettable and you’ll notice something different with each hit.

7. Cherry Pie

You don’t need to wait to visit Grammy’s before you taste some cherry pie.

Cherry Pie marijuana strain is a hybrid, with mostly indica composition. You can enhance your mental state and intrigue your imagination with a hit of this strain. Much like the name suggests, Cherry Pie tastes like a fresh cherry, both sweet and tart.

Before you dive into your Cherry Pie vape or flowers, don’t forget to stock up on some delicious treats. Chocolate, vanilla, and cherry treats will do the trick!

8. OG Kush

Hybrid strains aren’t always good for everyone, and OG Kush is a great option to consider.

If you don’t want your mood and energy levels on the fence, you can find bliss with OG Kush. There’s a tangy and earthy taste you can enjoy with this strain, and its effects are just as powerful as the aromatics. Being an indica strain, you can calm your mind and body down.

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OG often stands for “original,” and this strain goes back to the basics. The citrus and herbal notes balance each other and create the classic flavor and smell that people think of regarding marijuana.

These Are the Marijuana Strains You Don’t Want to Pass On

You don’t have to try them all to discover which marijuana strains are the best for your body and mind.

Stress can express itself in different ways, but most people get stuck in their minds and thought patterns. If you want to find relief from your stress, indica and sativa strains can ease your mind. A puff of one of these strains will help you find bliss so you have the strength to get through the day.

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