8 Must-Have Features for a Perfect Camper Van Awning Set-Up

Are you considering getting a camper van awning to level up your outdoor adventures? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

A camper van awning set-up is an excellent substitute for a tent. But instead, you attach it to your van, creating additional space. The question is, how do you find the right one?

Here are eight must-have features you want to consider to get you started.


1. Sturdy Material

When finding the perfect camper van awning, you want to start with the material. Being in the outdoors means you have to face different weather conditions. So, it’s crucial to make sure you pick something durable.

It should be able to handle strong winds and a little rough handling during your outdoor adventures. This way, you can have peace of mind during your trip and prevent accidents from happening.

Note that the materials for a van awning vary based on their type. Take your time to look into each kind to ensure you get the best one for your activities.

2. UV Protection

Living in a van allows you to explore the great outdoors for hours but also means facing different climate conditions. One thing you want to keep in mind is how long you stay under the sun. Too much sun exposure can result in a range of health complications.

It can be as simple as sunburn and dehydration to severe cases like heat exhaustion or stroke.

Because of this, it’s vital to make sure you have the van life essentials to maintain your well-being. One way is by getting an awning that offers you UV protection.

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This way, you can shield yourself from harmful sun rays and stay cool and comfy when you’re out of the van.

3. Easy Installation

Lots of people go camping to get a fun and relaxing experience outdoors. But if your gear takes a while to install, it can make the activity more stressful than it’s supposed to be.

Many recommend picking a camper van awning that has fewer components to set up. This way, you can easily add it to your campsite without feeling stress or hassle. A user-friendly awning also ensures you spend less time fumbling around, so, you can enjoy the great outdoors easily and comfortably.

Remember that ease of use can also vary depending on your motorhome type. It’s best to choose from high-quality campervans to ensure you have a smoother experience. It will minimize potential challenges and increase your opportunity for enjoyment.

4. Sufficient Coverage

Besides protection, an excellent awning should also provide you with enough coverage. This way, you can extend your space and allow more room for lounging, dining, or sleeping.

You can use your camper van awning whenever you need extra shelter for other activities. With this, you can feel safe and comfortable in the outdoors.

You can also consider other outdoor living upgrades to make the experience feel like a real home. For example, you can add quick set-up tables and chairs or cover the open area with a screen.

5. Lightweight Design

Every ounce counts when you’re a frequent mover. So, it’s best to invest in a lightweight and compact awning. Not only does it provide convenient shade and shelter, but it also ensures you efficiently use your motorhome.

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The heavier your load, the more fuel your van uses to take you where you need to go. It happens because it exerts more effort to move the vehicle.

So, with a lighter load, you can maintain the reliability of your van while maximizing its space. Other tips to ensure van efficiency include planning a better route and adjusting your driving habits.

By applying these, you can get the most out of your fuel and ensure you always have enough, no matter how far you travel to and from.

6. Integrated Lighting

One thing you can’t control when staying outdoors is the darkness. Because of this, many recommend picking an awning that has integrated lighting.

Not only does it let you enjoy outdoor activities longer, but it also adds a cozy and warm touch to your evening get-togethers. Moreover, it lets you feel safer when you want to spend more time outside after sunset.

Another reason campers prefer this is because of the safety it offers. Campfires still pose a risk to the people around you if handled incorrectly. So, awnings with light work as an alternative.

7. Pest-Proof

Aside from weather and wildlife, being outdoors means you should consider the possible bugs you can encounter. They can be annoying and dangerous if you aren’t sure how to handle them correctly.

When choosing your awning, you should consider this and ensure it has features that help keep them away. A few options are awnings with bug netting or a screen room attachment.

These help shield you from insects and let you enjoy your time outdoors with fewer interruptions. Moreover, you can worry less about coming across any unfamiliar bugs while you’re outside.

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8. Adjustable Height

You want a camper van awning with adjustable height to ensure you get the most out of it. This feature makes it more versatile and convenient to bring around.

An adjustable awning means you can use it on different motorhomes, no matter what size. So, it ensures you will always have enough shade and shelter during your outdoor adventures.

With this, you don’t have to worry about buying an awning whenever you go on camper van trips. Instead, you can use the same one, making it more cost-effective and flexible.

Elevate Your Time Outdoors With the Best Camper Van Awning Set-Up

A quality camper van awning is more than just a simple canopy. You want to be sure it comes with helpful features that make it more effective and valuable.

A few to note include durability, weight, and ease of use. You also want to consider its additional features, such as lights and pest-proofing. This way, you can ensure a comfortable outdoor experience and cost-effectiveness.

So, what do you say? Check out the rest of our blog for more tips and guides.