How to Build Your Shoe Collection on a Budget

How to Build Your Shoe Collection on a Budget

Do you ever admire the shoes displayed in store windows or that appear on your social media feed? Have you ever thought of investing in a shoe collection, yourself? While it’s an appealing hobby, investing in collectible sneakers can also seem daunting.

If you want to get started on your own sneaker collection, you need to know that it’ll take time, dedication, and research. You won’t be able to acquire a wall of new shoes overnight, especially if you aren’t particularly affluent.

Here’s how to build your shoe collection if you’re working under a budget.

Prioritize Yourself and Not Your Collection

Before you even begin to buy shoes, remember that this is supposed to be a hobby. You don’t need to buy new shoes or whatever goes on sale, especially if you can’t afford them. It isn’t worth it to miss out on a meal or not pay your rent just to expand your collection.

Yes, you may permanently miss out on acquiring an item that’s limited edition. That item may pop back up online at a much higher price later on. However, it’s not a necessity.

Once you understand that, you can create a budget to see how much you can afford to spend every month. It’s imperative that you stick to this budget.

Don’t try to make excuses, like saying that you’ll skip out on buying something next month if you make a certain purchase today. It’s easy for you to constantly make these excuses and find yourself running into debt.

Research Your Options

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Figure out what you like and how to stay in the loop on your favorites.

For example, there are plenty of sneaker apps that inform you of new release drop dates. All you need to do is follow the brands you’re most interested in.

Get in touch with your local boutiques to see what they stock. You can also inform them of any of your interests, and they may notify you when a shipment comes in.

Finally, follow your favorite sneaker brands and designers on social media. They’ll often update their profiles when there are new releases, and you may even win free items from contests held on their page.

Buy Shoes on Sale

One of the biggest mistakes when shopping on a budget is buying shoes at full price. Even worse is buying something advertised as “on sale” when it’s actually still at full price. Collectible sneakers can easily cost you hundreds of dollars that way for a single pair.

Instead, always try to buy shoes when they go on sale. Most of them will at some point. It’s just a matter of keeping your eye out and putting them on your waitlist.

You can find various websites that will let you know when certain items go on sale. One good source is one of the many shoe-collecting subreddits on There are also more private forums elsewhere on the internet.

Look for Collectible Sneakers Online

You’ll have a tough time if you’re interested in buying sneakers that aren’t for sale anymore. One of your best options is to try looking for them online at re-seller websites such as eBay.

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Buyers can find both new and pre-owned shoes on eBay. More importantly, you can distinguish sellers with a lot of positive feedback from those who might try to scam you. Always buy from someone with a good reputation.

You can also try newer options, such as Facebook Marketplace.

Try Trading With Other Collectors

There’s always the chance that the shoe you want is in stock and on sale, except it’s not in your size. However, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in it. You may find that someone else out there has the same shoe in your size and may want to trade for it.

In addition, you’ll want to make friends with people who wear the same shoe size. They may want to downsize their collection at some point or make a few extra bucks. Their style may also change and something you own would fit them better than their current footwear.

Hit Up Your Local Thrift Shop

Another avenue you can explore to save money and find affordable shoes is the local thrift shop. Thrift shops are notorious for hiding all kinds of valuable items among other discarded clothing items. After all, the people who work at these stores rarely know the difference between high fashion items and something bought at a supermarket.

Find a thrift store with a sizeable shoe selection. Do some research on the different kinds of brands so you don’t miss anything.

If possible, go shopping at a thrift store in the more trendy part of town. What they stock is often reflective of the types of people living in the area around them.

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Aim for Specific Collections

It’s important to limit the scope of your shoe collection, especially when you’re working on a limited budget. That means only going after the shoes you’re really interested in and not getting distracted by “good deals”.

Trying to buy anything and everything will only lead to you going broke. It also means that you might not have enough money left over to buy another pair you wanted.

Websites like allow you to filter by brand, so you can see specific collections such as Air Jordan or Yeezy. You can also search for different price ranges to find the ones you can afford.

Expand Your Shoe Collection the Right Way

A limited amount of funds doesn’t mean you can’t start a new shoe collection today. The key is to look for affordable options, browse for sales, and get connected with other collectors who can share information with you. Just remember to stick to your budget and you’ll be fine.

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