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Are there always bonuses for online casino games?

For people who don’t have a lot of experience with online gambling, the seemingly simple act of searching for an online casino to sign up with can be overwhelming – discover more.

Just by typing ‘online casino’ or into any search engine will bring several hundred results and if you think it’s simply a case of clicking on the first one you see and signing up there, I’m afraid it isn’t.

Your personal money is at stake, and choosing the right online casino is fundamental. As a result, some basic due diligence is essential, and you should research a few dozen sites. You need to find out as to whether they’re licensed by the UKGC, how seriously they look after your monetary deposits, and crucially, what kind of welcome bonuses they’re willing to offer you.

This is all linked to the over UX (User Experience) that you’re likely to get over time. A site that provides incentives for its users is one that the gambler will undoubtedly have a better time using.

Online casino bonus welcome offers

It’s worth remembering that you, like the gambler, ar

in the driving seat. You’re the consumer, and the site has to keep you happy in order to maintain your custom. Therefore, the incentives the sites are willing to offer you can be quite lucrative.

Having said this, don’t fall into the trap of thinking that the biggest offer is the best offer. Although a welcome promotion might promise you a large sum in bonus funds, the small-print may stipulate that it’s difficult to access or falls under specific wagering requirements. Always read the terms and conditions and weigh up your options!

Getting your head in a spin

For many gamblers, free spins and extra spins are some of the most popular bonuses you can get. It’s like they’re giving away free money. You won’t have to wager from your e-wallet to spin the reels and you may win the jackpot.

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However, without wanting to put a dampener on things, there will be terms and conditions and you may have to read what specific games you can play in order to access the bonus spins.

There may also be requisites about any winnings being awarded only as credit to be used on the site and not as cash you can withdraw. This will vary from site to site and from bonus to bonus.

Loyalty bonuses

People tend to think that once you’re signed up on a site, that’s it. The online casino has won your custom, you’re through the door, and everyone’s happy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

How easy is it for you to deactivate your account and sign up somewhere else? That’s right – it’s pretty easy. Online casinos have the responsibility to retain your customer, which is much harder than getting you to sign up in the first place.

Therefore, loyalty bonuses are given to gamblers who have stayed with a particular online casino for a certain period of time, or even by a milestone amount of cash being deposited into your e-wallet.

Loyalty bonuses typically vary from site to site, but standard VIP bonuses may include cash back bonuses, tiered category upgrades, or a certain number of free spins.

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