CSPO or PSPO: Which to choose from to scrum certifications for a product owner?

CSPO or PSPO: Which to choose from to scrum certifications for a product owner?

Scrum product owner certification is directly linked with having a good command over the methodologies and techniques associated with the world of scrum. Two different kinds of scrum certification are acknowledged across the industry and both of them have a good amount of value in the industry because of several kinds of reasons associated with both of them.

Following are the basic points which the people need to take into consideration at the time of choosing the best one from both the available options of scrum product owner certification:

  1. The certified scrum master will always require the people to attend a two-day training which has been followed by a test and once the people pass the examination they will get the certification. Apart from this people need to maintain it after every two years by earning the scrum education units.
  2. The cost associated with the certified scrum product owner will be ranging between US$1000-US$2000 depending upon the instructor and their experience in this particular industry throughout the process.

 On the other hand, in the case of professionals for product owners, there is no need for any kind of mandatory training because it will require the people to study, understand the roles and responsibilities along with the right basics to pass the examination perfectly. The cost of this particular certification will be based upon near about US$200 per attempt.

 It is very much important for the people to follow the comprehensive strategy throughout the process to gain the certification very easily and the following are the basic points to be taken into consideration by the people so that they can become successful in this industry:

  1. People need to read the guide at least six times before the exam even if the people find it boring because both of the above-mentioned certifications will always require the people to have a good command of the basics.
  2. Booking the examination is considered to be a very good point to be taken into consideration and the people should book the exam in advance, set the date, and study accordingly because the registration will not expire and money will never go waste.
  3. Regardless of a good amount of experience in the industry, the people should understand and remember the basics associated with this product owner certification perfectly, and apart from this people also need to go through the free assessment available on scrum.org so that people can stand in terms of knowledge and additional effort throughout the process before giving the final exam.
  4. People need to have a good amount of knowledge associated with the scrum topics and further depending upon different kinds of resources like YouTube videos, reference guides and various other kinds of things is very good.

Hence, at the time of appearing in the product owner certification India exam, the people should follow the above-mentioned points so that they can clear the exam on the very first attempt very easily.

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