Amazing Tummy Control Swimwear

4 Amazing Tummy Control Swimwear You’ll Be Comfortable Wearing

Many women avoid wearing a swimsuit to the point of loathing themselves, during beach/pool season as they feel shy, not fit enough or not skinny enough to pull off a swimsuit. Gone are the days when swimsuits were known to offer little to no support or comfort for plus sizes or postpartum women. There are loads of options in swimsuits these days for women of all shapes and sizes that will make them feel comfortable and confident and allow them to have fun. Tummy control swimwear is one of those options.

Tummy control swimwear essentially offers extra support near the stomach, waist, and hips area and sort of sucks-in the postpartum pooch, or any insecure regions that one might have, resulting in what appears to be a shapely figure. The mid-section will appear to be much flatter thanks to the control panels.

4 Amazing Tummy Control Swimwear You’ll Be Comfortable Wearing

Lycra is the fabric that usually makes up the control panels. This material makes sure that there are no odd bulges, and everything is smooth and provides adequate support, along with flexibility.

To purchase a figure-flattering swimsuit, one should be aware of the options as there are so many varieties to choose. Down below are a few options.


Tankinis are a two-piece suit, much like a bikini but only in that regard as tankinis cover all of the midsection completely. Depending on the need for coverage, one can consider the ones with a control panel or boning. It got its name as the top resembles a tank-top. The bottoms usually are regular bikini bottoms, but one can switch it up with a high-waisted brief if they want to.



As the name suggests, the skirtini has a skirted bottom with bikini briefs underneath. Just like tankini, skirtini also offers excellent coverage and support. It also covers other possible problem areas such as upper legs, lower abdomen, and hips. It can have control or slimming panels, at the midsection and lower half, which is a fantastic option for anyone who might want that extra shape.

Surplice Swimsuits

These are perhaps the most flattering of all styles. These swimsuits feature a wrap style bodice, and most of these come with slimming panels. They can be very preppy and fashionable.


As the name suggests, shortens come with shorts instead of bikini briefs. It is similar to skirtini as both offer support for upper legs, midsection and flattens out any bulges.

Figure flattering swimsuits need not always be boring. A lot of the styles mentioned above come in different colours and patterns. One can even buy a one-piece swimsuit with cutouts while having slimming panels in them.

Ruching is one-way of hiding the midsection. A heavy ruching near the waist helps hide the tummy and hides the rolls. Another new thing this season is lace-ups. One can opt for a lace-up swimsuit as this offers the customer the opportunity to control the suit’s fit. Usually, lace-ups come with boning, which is excellent for achieving a uniform shape.

A monokini is also a great option if one wants to show off their curves while smoothening or supporting their lower abdomen area. It also comes in different levels of covering hence offering a lot in terms of flexibility to move.

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