The little girl mommy raised is someone’s bride today. For a mother, seeing her daughter on the wedding day can be a very emotional feeling. While she is happier than ever, she cannot help but feel a tinge of heartache at the same time. It’s quite a profound feeling.

One has to get a lot of things done for a wedding, and as the mother of the bride, she is the one responsible for most of the festivities. With the wedding festivities stressing the bride to the brim, her mother’s job is to take the load off her beautiful shoulders.

Here are some tips that will help her ensure that her daughter has the best day of her life.

Backup Dresses

One may choose any bridal wear store in Australia to buy their daughter’s wedding dress, but they must make sure that there is a backup. A million things could go wrong at a wedding, but no mother would want their daughter’s wedding dress to be one of them.


Keep in mind to buy backup dresses for the bridesmaids as well. They will also be at the altar and in most of the wedding pictures, so the wedding organisers must pick the best dresses, if not ones that go with the bride’s dress, for the bridesmaids. If the mother doesn’t have the time to go to the store and pick dresses out physically, she needn’t worry. There is a fantastic designer store which ships all over Australia by the name of Carla Zampatti.

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One can also purchase the mother’s outfit for the big day from the same store. Carla Zampatti’s ‘mother of the bride’ dresses are to die for!

Cleaning Agents

One can use several things to get out stains of any kind, which are quite common at a wedding. From detergent pens to some other sort of stain remover, it is always good to have them handy.

Alcohol Management

To avoid any unnecessary drama during the ceremony, make sure that the bar is not open until it is time for the reception. This little preventive measure can go a long way. No one wants the ruckus drunk uncle John caused to be what everyone remembers about their sweet girl’s wedding day.


There are hundreds of thousands of things that a woman, as the bride’s mother, is responsible for at her daughter’s wedding, and it is impossible to keep all of them in mind at all times. It would help to whip out a notepad, make a note of completed chores and everything that remains incomplete.

One must not neglect to write things that one has already finished, because one would be surprised at how much can slip their mind due to the stress caused by the wedding.

The mother

A mistake most mothers make when they’re handling their daughter’s wedding is to forget about themselves. Some mothers even forget about their dresses. One must ensure it that the ‘mother of the bride’ dress is all figured out, and one can do so by placing an order beforehand at Carla Zampetti. If the mother is confident about the way she looks, only then will she be able to help her daughter be satisfied with the way she looks.

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At the end of the day, it is a wedding. So, remember to take a step back and enjoy the beautiful moments. Happy wedding!

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