Top 7 Best Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses

Top 7 Best Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses

If you love fashion and you are about to be wedded, you will enjoy selecting options for your bridesmaids. Dress styles in previous years were extremely limited which made it look pretty monotone and plain. There might have been some great options, but they were never left to have creative freedom with the dress styles.

The fashion of your entourage might be complicated if each bridesmaid will have their own idea of what they want to wear. But it would be best if you didn’t worry since mismatched bridal party dresses are now chic and trendy.

One-shoulder dress

The current trend of bridal party dresses utilizes asymmetrical details. Soft neutral tones are simply perfection. Black dresses are chic. But infuse pops of color in your bouquet to make a standout statement. If you want drama but want to stick to a dark shade, you can opt for gunmetal for an elegant look.

If you choose the same dress style for every girl, allow your girls to pick their shoe style and let their style shine. Keep in mind that the new black is navy. It is classic but must be matched with the strong color of the shoe. It is simply fabulous.

Bold and vibrant colors

  • Currently, bold hues are amazing. It is a stunning shade that can be easily styled to be sassy.
  • Choose a monochromatic fashion with plum jewel tones and match it with lighter shades of flowers.
  • It may just add the most awesome dose of brightness to any bridal event. You can rock this color.
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Mismatched gowns 

For mismatched gowns, utilize one color in different shades. Choose styles from classy to downright sassy. You will love how these bridal party dresses will have different shades of neutrals and patterns as well as different necklines. If you want to shine bright with sequins, it is a must for any girl mesmerized by shiny objects.

Short and sassy styles

You might want to utilize a sweet shade for short dresses. Your girls can rock this look. Wear shades of coral and poppy, which are a hot trend. Your girls will look amazing. It gets even awesome and stylish with well-dressed bridesmaids in skirts with prints.


  • The mixed and matched pastel shades should epitomize a springtime soirée.
  • The bright bouquet and stunning flowers will make you swoon.
  • Bohemian glam is one of the most awesome trends today. Your guests will be crushing hard on these dresses.

Sweetheart necklines

If you have a small frame, fashion with sweetheart necklines will create an awesome shape and subtle cleavage for your body. Wear a strapless sweetheart dress for petite bridesmaids. This strapless look will create a soft look and make them the envy of everyone.

Illusion necklines

If you do not want to draw attention to your chest area, but you don’t want to look dull or drab, illusion necklines are the best way to go. You are going to have a sweetheart neckline topped with a wonderful lace illusion.

Choose the best bridal party dresses for your girls. You will be creating a stunning ensemble on your wedding day. These pictures will look awesome and stand the test of time. Choose styles and colors for your bridesmaids that match the motif of your event.

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