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How to save money on your weight loss surgery?

With obesity and overweight rates growing globally faster than ever, weight loss surgeries (bariatric surgery) have become a fairly frequent procedure in today’s society. However, because these are complex medical procedures, prices are relatively high, limiting many people when opting for this type of treatment.

Due to the need to treat obesity to improve life quality and reduce associated pathologies, many people decide to undergo weight loss surgery abroad.

How to save money on your weight loss surgery

This practice has become more popular day by day, mainly because many people with obesity do not qualify for NHS surgery or want to receive treatment as soon as possible and do not want to remain on a waiting list.

Countries like Poland, Turkey, Thailand, and Mexico offer much lower prices and still perform high-quality treatments, allowing patients to save money, even if they have to bear other expenses such as flights and lodging.

Which weight loss surgery can you undergo abroad?

Since medical tourism is a fairly common practice, the variety of treatments is wide. The most practised weight loss surgeries are gastric sleeve and gastric bypass since these are the two most beneficial procedures for patients.

However, they are also more complex and, therefore, more expensive. Undergoing a gastric sleeve abroad can help you save more than half of what you would spend in places like the UK or the USA.

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Low-priced treatments are mainly due to low living costs and the countries’ currencies. The quality of the treatments remains high; some European Union countries, such as Poland, are known for offering the highest quality medical treatments. In fact, many patients opt for bariatric surgery abroad because of the quality standards provided, regardless of the cost of the surgery.

What should I keep in mind when choosing a clinic abroad?

In countries dedicated to medical tourism, you can find specialised clinics that offer transportation and accommodation services to their patients. Most of them have English-speaking staff or translators assigned to each patient, so finding a clinic will not be a problem.

Once you have chosen a clinic, make sure it meets all the regulations and certifications required by the country in which it is located. Countries where medical tourism is practised usually have many rules to ensure the high quality in their treatments and their visitors’ well-being.

How to choose the right surgeon?

Doctors dedicated to weight loss surgery abroad usually have to meet reasonably high-quality standards. Most of them are highly qualified and legally authorised to execute different medical procedures. Plus, they must speak fluent English which guarantees appropriate doctor-patient communication.

Naturally, you will want to obtain all the necessary information about the surgeon you plan to choose, find out things such as the type of surgeries they perform, their experience in that speciality, and above all be sure you read patient testimonials. Once you’ve read all you need to know about the surgeon and the clinic they work at, you’ll feel safer making a decision.

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What is the best destination for me?

The list of countries where you can do medical tourism is quite broad; the country’s selection is entirely personal and should be made based on each patient’s needs and preferences. As a suggestion, consider choosing a country that is near to your place of residence, thus saving other expenses such as flights.

The preferred countries for medical tourism are Poland and Turkey because, in addition to offering low prices, they are known for the high quality of their treatments, the strict regulations for clinics and hospitals and the academic requirements for health professionals. Besides, accommodation and flights’ cost is exceptionally economical for people from the UK and even America.

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