Best weapons final fantasy xv

Best Weapons Final Fantasy xv

Final Fantasy XV has a great variety of wide range of weapons. There is additionally an extraordinary class of Armiger weapons that can be prepared distinctly by the principle hero of the game – Noctis.

Best Weapons Final Fantasy xv

Probably the coolest thing about Final Fantasy XV is the wide-scope of weapons it offers. Final Fantasy XV is one of the best mmorpg games. Despite the viability, these all can give players an enormous lift. It is very difficult to make a choice between the weapons as there are enough weapons in the game which makes this choice more difficult.

I’ll take you through a portion of the game’s best weapons which offer the most grounded details and best advantages for your experiences.


Best weapons final fantasy xv

The Apocalypse is a great sword or two-hand sword that Noctis and Gladio can utilize. This is an end game only weapon. Finish the fundamental story to open this weapon, it will be in Balouve Mines.

  • 597 Attack
  • +2 Critical Rate
  • +403 Max HP

Ultima Blade – Noctis’ iconic sword, upgraded

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The Ultima Blade is a common weapon in the Final Fantasy arrangement. It isn’t a similar weapon as the comparatively named Ultima Weapon, a repetitive extreme weapon. Both can show up in a similar game, the Ultima Blade continually being more vulnerable. It can be done by the ‘Better Engine Edge’ search line with Cid.

  • +3 Critical
  • +40 Max MP
  • 364 Attack
  • +30 Magic
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Soul Saber – The Cursed Legend

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The Soul Saber is, without a doubt, maybe the strongest weapon we do in Final Fantasy XV. It does the enemy a great deal of harm.

  • 343 Attack
  • +3 Critical
  • +12 Max MP

Balmung – FF15’s best end-game sword

Best weapons final fantasy xv

The Balmung is one more amazing weapon that comes helpful a ton in FF15. It’s an FF15 end game sword that gives surprising specifics of the attack, in addition to rewarding harm for each strike depending on how small your MP is. You will find The Balmung Final Fantasy Arms in the Steyliff Grove dungeon.

  • 446 Attack
  • +3 Critical
  • +11 Max MP

Death Penalty

Best weapons final fantasy xv

It is the weapon that can be utilized distinctly by Noctis or Prompto. It’s the most grounded weapon in the game. You can’t get it until you’ve completed the primary story and opened the “Hazard of ____” Quests. It has a 1% Chance to incur Instant Death.

  • 424 Attack
  • +2 critical
  • +25 soul


Where To Find The Dominator Greatsword In Final Fantasy XV

The Dominator is a great sword that can be captured in two or three distinct routes in the post-game. It’s a light natural sword, making it simple for killing devils. Dominator, fantastic sword can be discovered just north of Alstor Slough in Duscae within structures. You do have an option to having one when you arrive at your first camp in the Keycatrich Trench Dungeon after-game regions.

  • 583 Attack
  • +2 Critical
  • +298 Max HP

These are some best weapons in the game which you can use to give the enemy a hard time. But they are not the only reasonable choices, as there are some truly cool swords, blades, guns and machines that can be in the long run moved up to much better forms.

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