Last Day on Earth Survival is a future multiplayer survivor game produced by Kefir Games. Last Day on Earth Survival is a very attractive survival game for zombies. Last Day on Earth is an online game featuring a high quality MOD version.


Last Day on Earth

At present the game is in Beta v. 1.16. 3This works on iOS and Android. It is a game of survival similar to the game of Last Day on Earth which is familiar to many people. The game is planned for streaming play. This game is currently only available for Android, and for Google Play. You’ll need to download the APK file to play.

The planet is coming to an end and you’re one of the people left in this future world. Like most of the human race tortured and killed as a result of an alien plague, the dead are coming to life, as terrified zombies.

So you really, it as one of the extremely lucky survivors, must fight on this once prosperous land on the Earth’s Last Day for their life. When today is the last day on earth, you would certainly want to be playing 24h games unblocked! Time to grab your case, accumulate money, craft weapons, and capture the watchtower as you face off for your life!

Last Day on Earth Survival

It’s a long and difficult battle for life. In this virtual universe there are no mates, caring or kindness so you have to conquer everything on your own. But the energy lies in your pockets. You’re completely helpless, with no money on hand and not even clothes to wear initially.

Will you have what it takes to be successful in such hard situations? To help you succeed in this competitive online game, read on for more survival guides, hints, and cheats! brings you the best update of Last Day on Earth and you can enjoy the game on your computer! All other Last Day plugins on Earth in terms of performance and stability compare to ours! Only download it for free, here!

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Last day on Earth: Highlights of the Survival Game:

To make self-sufficient:

Keep the personality alive by staying on top of their life statistics. Drink and feed while the rates of thirst and hunger are small. You’ll now need to get your hands dirty because you’ve left the comforts of your house. The simplistic method of chasing for food, using simple devices such as a hatchet or a spear.

last day on earth survival

Knowing New Capacity:

Along the way, you will be able to improve your survival skills by learning how to design stronger equipment, gather fresh water, prepare a meal and eventually learn to be self-sufficient. Find valuable tools, such as wood and stones, for workmanship. Build weapons and a mode of travel that uses everything you can find around you.

Bring important things with you and leave the rest of them at your home base.

There are few items in your pockets and bags you can take with you. For the new update cutting down the number of slots in the Easy Backpack from 8 to 5 slots, it definitely increases the challenge of players in choosing whether to fill it up. watchcartoononline apk

Before going out, focus and schedule what you want to do today. Will also might want to have simple survival things like water and with you before you go out. If you run out of food in your store you should pick up things like food products and wild berries.

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The positive news is that 4 berries and 3 bits of wood take up 2 spaces instead of 7 in your inventory (Pockets / Backpack). So, it’s all right if you are holding multiples of the same things. Leave vacant warehouse spaces to store the pine logs, iron ores and fibers for manufacturing purposes that you have farmed / grinded.

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last day on earth

Streamline the living room:

One day anything you see inside you is going to come in handy. Create a shelter where you can relax, craft boxes for you to store things you’ve discovered in the wild during your trip.

To cook the meal, start a campfire. Make a tub to freshen up, as more zombies create body smell of death. Build a Rainfall Collector to purify your drinking water while you’re going out and hold it in your backpack. You will be in a position to improve your living room after having more experience and collecting more money.

last day on earth mod apk

Look out for Intruders:

When you are least conscious, brace yourself for intruders who enter your shelter. Install devices inside your home windows to prevent invasion by foreigners. You can also invade the territories of other survivors, and get rare things. It’s the fight for life and humans (and zombies?) will do anything to live on Earth at the Last Day!

A Brand New Option for Last Day Earth’s: Attack:

Okay, it’s not just the ghouls you’re going to have to fight against; you’re going to have to fight against other people to get more money. Moral values are dead in this country, and if you want to live for a long time, it’s best to make sure you join the raiders on Earth’s Last Day. Fittest Survival blends well with this feature.

Last Day on Earth: Survival techniques, deception, hacks and new features:

Know these are all legal Last Day on Earth hackers. If you see a Last Day on Earth hack tool somewhere on the internet, don’t be fooled because these are scams that will get your credit card numbers.

Instead of the simple backpack, outfit the character with a military backpack:

Kefir Games has cut the number of inventory slots in the Standard Backpack from 8 to 5 with the upgrade in v1.6. Additionally, there was released a new backpack, Combat Backpack, with 10 production spaces.

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By equipping your hero with this military bag, you’ll be strong enough to carry up to 20 items (10 things in your pockets and 10 things in your bag while you’re out in the wild). Using 2 craft points this object can be built at level 64. Fifteen pieces of Wire, ten Thick Fabrics and two Steel Plates are the materials used to create this model. This is probably one of the most important tips for beginners on Last Day on Earth. Now get to crafting!

last day on earth

Follow these quick steps to finish your Last Day on Earth: Setup for Survival.

  • Tap at the bottom of your computer to open the file.
  • To continue your game installation, press “Yes” on the Device dialog tab.
  • The game will start automatically after installation is complete.

Download Last Day on Earth: Android APK Survival

Download the first APK

Step 1: Install both APK and OBB to your computer.

Step 2: Installed the APK.

Step 3: Install the OBB, pass the zombie.survival.craft.z document to the Android / OBB direction.

Step 4: Play and Unlock the window.

Download Last Day on Earth MOD APK

You don’t have to update OBB for the game’s MOD version, as the game only has one single APK script. You will be asked by the game after the game is downloaded and opened to accept Applications that appear at the top. LDOE must exit to save the settings automatically and restart the game to enjoy it.


Install Android’s Last Day on Earth Survival APK that makes your life more enjoyable. Last Day on Earth Zombie survival game is downloadable for both android and iOS. The game is available for download via the link below.


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