Black Screen Of Death: Things You Need to Know About It

Black Screen Of Death: Things You Need to Know About It

All people know about this; the exclusive smartphone brand of Apple is the iPhone. The iOS operating system is preferable to Android because its interface is easy to operate, and storing your information is more secure, and there’s less chance for theft and hacking.

However, there will be a problem if the screen of your iPhone randomly blacks out and it’s an issue referred to as “the screen of death.” With this article, we will provide some details about it. So here are the things you need to know about the iPhone black screen of death.

What’s an iPhone Black Screen Of Death?

“Screen of death” or iPhone black screen is an error in the system that causes the iPhone screen to be black, making your mobile phone unresponsive. The screen is suddenly frozen and will fizzle out. It might look like it is switched off, but tapping its power button will not turn it on.

The common problem is the crashing of the firmware. But there’s no need to worry because it’s only a minimal problem. However, if your phone’s hardware issue is severe, it might be caused by liquid or physical damage. To further know the cause of your iPhone’s black screen, you need to scrutinize it. Performing the required troubleshooting measures will have a big chance of fixing your iPhone than sending it to the shop.

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The Death Causes of iPhone Black Screen

It might be frustrating to know that you can’t turn on your smartphone. When mobile phones evolve into our primary necessity, especially that there’s a pandemic and social distancing is implemented, it’s always essential to ensure that your smartphone is available for news updates and various communication.

With that said, there are many reasons for the random black screen of your iPhone. Users might find it comforting to know that the issue is uncommon, even when their iPhone works appropriately. So here’s the list of some factors that causes your phone to shut down.


It’s obvious that a new iPhone has new batteries in it. However, because of the wear and tear cycle, an iPhone might always be exposed to moisture and dirt. Water might enter your iPhone and reach its battery that is securely placed inside. Dirt is also the cause of damage because it blocks different circuits, causing an error in the battery’s connection. For the old iPhones, a black screen issue is an indication that you need to replace its battery.

Data Cable and iPhone Charger

It’s always recommended to use the legit data cable and iPhone charger that comes with the iPhone. With that said, it’s because they are provided to be paired with your phone when it comes to design, connectivity, and charging capacity. When you use the unofficial and incompatible chargers, there is a high chance that your iPhone will experience a black screen.

Charging Port

Other substances such as dirt and moisture can block the charging port of your iPhone. The same with your battery, you have to ensure that the charging port stays dry and clean every time. With that, the data cable will be appropriately connected to the battery by the dedicated port.

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Now that you know more things about the black screen of an iPhone, you might need to start taking care of it more. Avoid overusing it, and don’t overcharge your iPhone.

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