An ultimate to best QNAP NAS

An ultimate to best QNAP NAS

QNAP NAS (network-attached storage) are considered as systems that are consisted of more than two hard drives and are in constant connection with the internet. Furthermore, they can easily act as your storage unit that can almost store your all important files, media i.e. pictures, videos, documents, and backup hub. In short, you can consider it as your external hard drive full of your important data. You can’t take it everywhere but at the same time, you and your family can easily access it by sitting at any place.

Stand out features of QNAP:

The diverse distinctive features of QNAP NAS will make you rethink about your storage medium and also how can you reuse and revisit your stored files. Let’s discuss those features that make QNAP NAS standout in a crowd.

  • Backup of files

While using QNAP NAS, there is no need to worry about the lost files. Because it will restore the files no matter what the situation was i.e. you lost a computer or laptop or even the failure of system hardware.

  • Sharing of files:

QNAP NAS made the file-sharing process quite simple. Now you don’t need to hear how to send you the document? And many others. Now just share your novel link for project files, albums, music, and movies.

  • Secure files:

Forget about the storing of documents in the public cloud, because now by dint of QNAP NAS, you can store documents in your cloud. It only acts as the cloud that means specially dedicated to you. Not only this, but also this medium is reliable, secure, and safe.

  • File organization:
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By dint of QNAP NAS, you can easily centralize your files and this feature will help you and your peer group in accessing files.

  • Additional storage place:

Over time, the files we store started consuming more and more places. By dint of QNAP NAS, you can easily centralize documents that you never want to lose.

  • Remote access:

QNAP NAS over time has become your external backup medium. Not only this, but due to its constant connection with the internet you can access it at any place at any time. Furthermore, many apps are available for the usage of mobile phone users that makes it usage easier.

List of best QNAP NAS:

The internet is full of diverse QNAP NAS but the main thing that perplexed the customers is which QNAP NAS to buy?

To solve this ambiguity, I enlist a few best QNAP NAS that will surely assist you in deciding which QNAP NAS is best?

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QNAP TS-1685

It is ranked among the top QNAP NAS devices; a big monster, indeed! As we know that the most important thing in NAS is its capacity. The more the better principle is fulfilled by the TS-1685. It acquires 12 drives that hold 192TB of data. Furthermore, it also gave you the opportunity of holding four extra SSD bays along with M.2 additional ports. By all these specs, it efficiently holds all the information. It is best known for its capacity that it holds.


This is best for Plex and is demanding on QNAP NAS. This QNAP NAS device meets all the requirements that are needed for the Plex. For media hub, it is considered as the best choice. It has pre-installed DDDR4 of 8 GB that you can increase to 64GB.

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Moreover, it offers four bays of 3.5 inch and 2-inch drives that have the potential to store 64TB data. Furthermore, for SSD tit holds 2 bays and for supporting extra storage it acquires M.2 slots. Furthermore, on the rear panel, you can easily found 1 Gbps LAN ports, four USB 3.2 GEN port, on its front USB 3.2 Gen 1, and three HDMI ports.

Not only this, but with all these extra-ordinary specifications its price range is very budget-friendly. You can easily afford it. Moreover, it can easily handle all the assigned tasks without any hindrance.


It is ranked among the top budget-friendly QNAS NAS devices. Its price is very budget-friendly with excellent value. Moving ahead towards its specification then, it has a processor of Intel Cerelon J4005, two drive bays that can hold both SSD and HDD disks, capacity ranges to 32TB, along with 4GB RAM that can be easily modified and upgraded to 8GB.

Moreover, by dint of it, you can easily backup your all documents, media files, and files. That also assist you in saving money. Not only this, but it also holds a 70mm fan to cool down things. Moreover, various tasks can be easily done through it.


In a nutshell, the answer to the question of which QNAP NAS is best depends upon your requirements and needs.

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