Can You Fix an Irregular Gum Line?

Ever notice that one side of your gum line looks a bit crooked, or a different color from the other? These are signs that something’s a bit off with your oral health.

But can you fix an irregular gum line?

The short answer? Yes. There are several ways how your gum line can be treated, and we can help.

Keep reading for more information on this topic, and what you can do to fix that irregularity.


Consultation With a Dental Professional

The only way to ensure that an irregular gum line is properly treated is to consult with a dental professional. During a consultation, a dental professional can assess the extent of the gum line irregularity, and recommend the most effective corrective measures.

If the irregularity is due to gum disease, the dental professional may recommend a thorough dental cleaning and monitoring schedule to ensure that the condition is kept in check. Ultimately, a dental professional is the best person to assess an irregular gum line and provide a treatment plan tailored for the particular patient.

Gum Contouring

Using scalpels or lasers, the dentist can even out the gum line to give a better shape to the teeth. This redefined gum line can make the teeth look more uniform, balanced, and symmetrical. While gum contouring can fix minor issues, more severe cases may require a periodontal plastic surgery procedure like gum grafting to address any receding gums.

It’s important to visit a qualified dental professional to get the right diagnosis and treatment so that you can have the desired results. With quick, non-invasive, and permanent fixes, gum contouring can give you a full, refreshed smile.

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Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening is a surgical procedure in which the gum tissue and bone around the tooth are reshaped. This process may involve removing bone, tissue, or both to even out the gum line. The gum tissue may also need to be sutured to reshape the gum line.

This procedure is typically used to improve a “gummy” smile, treat a “gummy” bite, eliminate periodontal pockets, or sometimes to make a short tooth visible. The gum surgery will also expose more of the crown of the tooth, allowing for more dental restorations such as:

  • filling
  • crown
  • bridge

Crown lengthening is a safe and successful procedure that can bring the gums and teeth back into balance and restore the beauty of a smile.

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Know How to Get an Irregular Gum Line Fixed

The irregular gum line can be rectified with the help of numerous treatment options. Conservative treatment is usually an effective way to fix the issue.

However, for more extreme cases, surgery might be necessary. For the best possible outcome, it is advisable to consult with a professional dentist for all your gum line repairs and other dental issues.

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