How Can You Use Instagram For Real Estate Marketing?

How Can You Use Instagram For Real Estate Marketing


How Can You Use Instagram For Real Estate Marketing


Instagram has become a one-stop destination for almost everything. People like sharing photos and videos using millions of hashtags and quirky captions. It has also created a place to help foster businesses. Real estate marketing can be easily strategist on social media using some key aspects. You can upscale your real estate business on Instagram by keeping these simple hacks in mind:

How Can You Use Instagram For Real Estate Marketing

  • Create your account:

Use the company name you work with and include a gripping bio. Your handle should be a business account as it will help create an image in the minds of prospective buyers or sellers. Give out details such as your name, phone number, email address, and website to generate a two-way conversation.

  • Introduce yourself: 

Share your story. Since people are going to invest their time and heaps of money into your business, they would want to run a background check on what they are getting into as real estate can be a pretty tedious and a long drawn process. Keep your team in the frame and share your work stories on the account.

  • Make a roadmap:

Since Instagram is a visual-based medium, it allows you to feature your work in different ways. You can post eye-catching visuals to seek attention and share one-minute long listing videos. You can also post stories to spread information. To market yourself as a realtor amongst your followers, prepare a content calendar and post accordingly.

Study your target audience vehemently and prepare your goals. Segment your customers based on needs, age, income, lifestyle, and budget.

– Are they looking to buy or to sell?

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– Have they recently shifted to a new city?

– Do they want to move out?

– What is their budget?

– How long have they been looking for a realtor?

– What are their preferences?

– Are they looking for a dealer?

Demographic Segmentation can come in handy to a business like Real Estate. Peruse your audience and then reach out to them accordingly.

  • Use Hashtags:

Using the right hashtags will help people reach your account.

– #RealEstate

– #YourDreamHome

– #RealEstateBroker

– #SellProperty

– #Propertyforsale

– #Realtor

– #Buyproperty

Use hashtags to generate search engine traffic. Inapplicable hashtags will do no good to the account. Keep a check on posting hashtags, and it will help people find you when they are in dire need of a realtor.

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  • Be consistent:

You cannot establish your audience overnight. Be patient and work towards a common goal, i.e., to make your business boom. Don’t just give up if your followers or Instagram activity doesn’t augment in the initial stages.

  • Feature current listing:

Keep your potential buyers or sellers in the loop by giving them an insight into the current properties. Share high-quality pictures and videos for creating a buzz and sparking curiosity. The quality of your post will provide you with a push in making your social presence felt.

  • Create Testimonial videos:

If your business is still in the nascent stage, then post testimonial videos from your trusted clients. Since people are going to embark on this journey with you, they will need some sense of trust that they have made the right decision by joining hands with you. Success stories will add value to your account.

  • Reflect your personal life:
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The Instagram handle doesn’t need to be the official account of the company. You can also be the virtual doorway to the real estate business of your company. Keep your identity intact, because your feed should reflect your personal life as well for the people to take inspiration. You can create space for humour as well because it’s like icing on the cake!

  • Use real images:

Some realtors make use of stock images and videos to lure people, but when a potential buyer shows interest, they don’t have the necessary resources to meet the requirements. To avoid this aversion from your customers, use real images and videos of the properties without extravagant editing. Using real images will also help you to gain your customers’ trust.

  • Post engaging videos:

If you want your business to prosper, then you have to think out of the box. The approach can be different for different audiences. Create engaging videos giving a virtual tour of your best property or a communal space that you feel will best suit your particular audience. You can make use of a free Instagram video editor that allows you to give a professional and an attractive look to your videos.

In Video is one such editor that doesn’t charge exorbitant fees and explores your creative side while being a professional. You can choose from numerous template designs and customize them as per your requirements. You can also add transitions, text, colours, images, and much more to make your videos look attractive. It gives you an output worth relishing.

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Digital space has brought people closer than before. Instagram provides you with an option to optimise your account and learn about the progress side by side. Instagram has made interactions easier than ever and hence, it is the right space for you to promote your business and reach your marketing goals.

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