Best-Selling Panerai Watches You Can Get

Best-Selling Panerai Watches You Can Get

In fashion, you need not only to look chic and stylish but also look smart and presentable. Choosing the right accessory to your outfit can be quite tricky, especially if you don’t pick the right ones. 


Best-Selling Panerai Watches You Can Get

To some people, being simple can also be classy. Even if you’re only wearing a watch as an accessory, if you know how to showcase it with your attire, you will always look your best. However, choosing the right watch for you is not as easy as you thought it could be. You need to be specific on what style you want it to be and what type of watch suits you.

While there are many brilliant watch brands in the market today, you need to make sure you land to the brand that sums up your personality. Panerai is only one of the few watch brands that are considered to be the best you can get in the market. 

The brand offers luxury and authenticity to anyone who wears it. Also, if you compare it to its competitors in the market, they are not that expensive as they are expected to be. If you’re thinking of getting a Panerai watch, here are some of the best models you can get.

1940 Panerai Radiomir

In 2016, Panerai introduced its best-selling 1940 Panerai Radiomir is one of its shows, which is the 2016 SIHH Show. According to the company, the watch was different and unique from the other 1940 Radiomir watches in the collection because it showcased a white dial and Hindu-Arabic numerals. The watch featured an utmost classic design. 

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Also, when this watch is compared to Panerai’s Luminor collection, this watch has an eroded crown on the outside. The watches in the Luminor collection mostly had a coined, sensitive guard. Furthermore, aside from having a steel case, the watch also has a hard case back and a shiny, crystal sapphire display in the front. 

Sealand Luminor Panerai

In 2009, Panerai first launched the first-ever Luminor Sealand in their watch collection. According to watch experts, the watch featured ancient Chinese Zodiac in which the creators were inspired from. Italian watchmakers also said that the watch was expertly crafted by hand and even used the classic “Sparsello” watch-making technique. 

For Sealand Luminor’s eleventh model, which was launched during the SIHH 2019, Panerai decided to go for Year of the Pig as the watch’s design. The watch looked brilliant and extravagant with its gold-cut steel cover. It also features Hindu-Arabic numerals in a silver dial, with hour indicators in lines and bright dots. 

1950 Panerai Luminor Lab-ID

For those who would prefer buying a watch that has the right amount of elegance, the 1950 Panerai Luminor Lab-ID is the perfect watch to get in the Luminor collection. Although the brand is famous for its extravagant highlights, it is also known for its iconic clear, and sharp semi-skeletonized watches. 

The 1950 Panerai Luminor Lab-ID was first introduced during the SIHH 2017. Since then, the watch has become one of the best-selling watches that the company offers. Also, the watch has inspired other watch models that exist in the market. It features a carbon tech casing that makes the watch very lightweight and highly resistant to oxidation. 

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163 Panerai Chronograph Radiomir

If you’re into a more sporty look and you like spending time outdoors, and in nature, this watch from Panerai is the best one to get. The watch was before known as Luminor Chronograph. However, the company decided to change the look and add more features to it to make the watch look more classy yet sporty. 

In 2003, after the company launched the newest version of the Panerai Radiomir Chronograph, 163 Panerai Chronograph Radiomir was made as a limited edition watch. The company only made 230 pieces of the model. 

With that, watch collectors from all over the world set this watch’s value not less than about $15,000. The reason why it’s that expensive aside from being a limited edition model is because of its caliber Valjoux 234.


While there are many watch brands in the world, Panerai is always worth your time and investment. Their watches are known to be manually and carefully crafted through Italian craftsmanship alongside high-end Swiss technology. With that, their watches are 100% highly-recommended. 

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