Children’s Day Campaign of 2021 to melt your hearts

Children’s Day Campaign of 2021 to melt your hearts

We’re living in the 21st century and stickers, emojis, bitmojis, avatars and Gifs are ruling this digital age. A lot of people are expressing their emotions in the form of these major elements that are accessible everywhere from mobile phones to personal desktops. People of every generation love using these elements, be it any type of conversation.

Do you believe how much change these elements have brought into our lives? Well, a lot of people do believe this and we’re pretty sure you do too because it is the TIME TO SHOWCASE THE EMOTIONS!

Children’s day is celebrated every year on 14th of November on the occasion of Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday. It is a day to celebrate the happiness of children and their cute little habits. 14th November is celebrated all over India and it stands as the great opportunity for all the brands out there who are selling children items as well.

Are you looking out for entertaining and enjoyable ways through which you can promote your products and services for children’s day? Well, we have plenty of ideas stored with Children’s day campaigns for you. You can use your creativity and attract thousands of children and their parents to shop from your brand and make use of your products and services.

Emojis, stickers, avatars, bitmojis, gifs are a great way to take initiative for your brand products and bring them into a really fun way in front of your audience. It is the best way to attract thousands of children out there. A lot of people are attracted more towards elements rather than the reading texts part so try to include major things with the help of these elements only.


Do you know any brand that has never used one of these elements to promote the products and services? No right? We don’t either. All of the big brands today have their own emojis, bitmojis, stickers, and gifs. They all know they have their own elements for it by their side to fascinate the GenZ kids out there and catch their attention.

You can do that too with your own creative campaigns. You can actually bring the fun elements alive with the showcasing of your products using the interactive elements which have the capacity to grasp the attention of a visitor on a social media platform or any public place, or on your websites. It increases the interest of your audience by making them check out your brand.

Here are some of the emojis, gifs, stickers, bitmojis, and avatars that can be utilised to promote the idea of children’s day- .

Happy emojis- 👯👶🧚🛀🦸- these are some of the emojis that represents the interests as well as the lives of children. Children’s day is all about happiness and delightment. You can definitely choose to be funnier for them by mentioning emojis according to their moods on children’s as well.

Some emojis like 🍟🍫🍩🎂🧁🍪 can also be used to show their love for food items. A lot of people get attracted to such elements and show great interest towards the product as well.

Crazy stickers and avatars- Stickers and avatars are the most fun element because they contain visuals that can attract the attention of a lot of people out there of every generation. This is the generation of stickers and avatars. They love sharing it on various messaging platforms as well. Have you ever thought of utilizing stickers and avatars for marketing? Well, Children’s day is here, let’s see if these stickers and avatar campaigns based on children actually have an impact or not.

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These are some of the stickers and avatars that can be used to show love to the children and for the children because they’re the cutest. Isn’t it?

Funky Gifs- We have seen GIFs evolve and still stay relevant over the years. The idea of gifs is also the same as the stickers. The stickers have become much movable now, which used to be the idea of gif. But gifs have a whole different impact. It has so many collections that it gets hard to choose one out of them. Funky Gifs play a huge role in attracting thousands with their moves and turns that look very cool and cute to the kids. Let’s see some of those gifs, you can take ideas from.

You can add these fun elements.

Hot bitmojis- Have you ever created bitmojis on snapchat? Well, most you must have because they are so hard to be ignored. We create our own bitmojis using our own avatars and it adds fun to everything. A lot of you people can make use of bitmojis to bring fire to your campaigns. Bitmojis are very much in demand and a lot of other applications are inculcating them as well. These bitmojis will help you out in grasping the attention of a lot of people who love children and the younger people as well.

So, which emoji, gif, sticker, Avatar attracted you the most? All of them right? Most of these elements brought colourful and beautiful attributes to this article. Now think about using them in your campaigns and how beautiful they would look!

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Most of the people still do not believe this but the funnier your campaign is, the more it grabs the attention of the people who are your target audience. When you add the fun elements to it, it becomes more happening and colourful. We need to bring engagement to our sticker campaigns and not dullness. Now, it is up to you to decide which out of both of them you need for your brand.

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