Core specializations in 2021: The factors that make it a timeless asset

Core specializations in 2021: The factors that make it a timeless asset

Among the core specializations, an MBA in operations management has unlocked real potential in parallel with the digital revolution. The e-commerce boom has facilitated the creation of a sub-specialization called Logistics and Supply Chain management.

It points to the promises that the wide field of MBA in operations management holds for aspirants even today. However, it goes without saying that MBA in Operations Management can be quite competitive, and getting into a top college will require hard work.

Much like MBA in Finance and HR, there are ample opportunities for employment once a student enters a good B-school. Not only that but there will also be opportunities to switch to a more niche field after graduation if you want.

All in all, the core specializations can be significantly useful in exploring a wide array of opportunities. While it’s true that there is high competition in the field, the rewards are equally lucrative, which makes so many students opt for them even today.

In this article, we are going to talk about the reasons why an MBA in operations management is still a remarkable choice for any student.


Core vs Advanced Specializations

The core specializations have been offered by management institutes since their inception. They deal with key business areas that are present in all corporate organizations. The advanced specializations, on the other hand, are by-products of progress made in the field due to innovation.

For example, MBA in Marketing led to the birth of MBA Digital Marketing, after the digital revolution took the industry by storm. Clearly, the advanced specializations are not something brand new. Rather, they emerge out of the core areas as a response to the developments and innovations in the field.

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If you get an MBA in Finance, for example, you can easily adapt to the demands of International Business with little effort. If your basics are clear and strong, then gasping advanced specialization would be a cakewalk for you. Clearly, the saying that you fail to stay with the trend without an advanced specialization is only a myth.

The institute matters

The choice of the institute is critical to getting the best out of your ambitions, as good institutes are significantly better when it comes to providing opportunities for students. Being core specializations, MBA in Operations Management, or MBA in Finance, are offered in all B-schools.

However, a good B-school can prove to be the magic bullet to make your way into a successful career at a top MNCs. These colleges sharpen and embellish candidates’ skills so that they can be top-quality professionals. Organization internship drives, placement training, and expert interaction are some of the ways in which it is done.

The top institutes also arrange for study abroad programs (SAP) in which students get to complete a part of their course at a university abroad. Other colleges organize special global exposure programs that take students to key business locations globally. They get exposed to the setting and learn about the demands of challenges of global markets.

Top 3 colleges to get a core MBA specialization

  1. G. D Goenka University :G.D. Goenka university is perfect if you are looking to get an MBA in Operations Management. With great faculty, a 67-acre international campus, and many industry collaborations make it one of the best B-schools to go in 2021.
  2. Lovely Professional University: LPU is a top global university in Punjab that is known for its excellence in placement. Top MNCs like Google and Amazon regularly hire from LPU. In the MBA in Finance course, students also have the opportunity to choose a Study Abroad Program (SAP).
  3. Chandigarh University: CU is by far the best university in Punjab with an excellent record of creating highly eligible graduates. The MBA in operations management course is one of a kind and focuses on hands-on industry-oriented learning. They leave no stone unturned to direct you towards a successful corporate career.
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Finally, it needs to be highlighted that it doesn’t matter whether you opt for an advanced specialization or core. However, the steps you take in them can make a huge difference in terms of your corporate career. Make sure that wherever you go to get your degree, you keep exploring opportunities to experience the industry first-hand. That will increase the scope of employment after graduation and make the overall learning process rewarding.

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