How to Choose the Right Women’s Swimwear

How to Choose the Right Women’s Swimwear

Bikinis are a staple on the beach. They are nothing less than essential anytime you need to have some fun in the water. If you are in the market for a green bikini or any other bikini for that matter, then this short guide might help you pick the right one for your body type.


Matching Your Bikini with Your Body Type

We have Louis Réard to thank you for introducing this swimwear on July 5, 1946. Today we have hundreds of bikini styles and colours to choose from. Choosing the right one can be a bit daunting nowadays.

If there is one tip that will help save you the trouble, it is this one: Make sure that the bikini you choose matches your body type. You can get a red-coloured one, one with a flowery pattern, or even a green bikini, but you have to make sure that the style matches your body.

You should do that before you try on hundreds of tops and bottoms. Here are some recommendations according to the different body types that women have.

Body types:

  • Small bust
  • Full bust
  • Plus size
  • Short torso
  • No curves
  • Long torso
  • Pear shaped

Small Bust

Maybe you have a long slender body, or you may be cute and petite, like the body of a clothing line model. If that is you, you should get a bikini that enhances your bust. Get one with a padded or a pushup top.

Avoid solids and triangle tops; they make your bust look flat. Choose designs like ruffles and horizontal lines since they make your bust look bigger.

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Full Bust

Pick bikinis with moderate coverage. You should also choose a green bikini with a halter, underwire, or straps for better support. You obviously don’t need any push-up padding on the top. Bikinis with v-shaped necklines are perfect for you.

Plus Size

Bright colours work well on plus-sized women. Get bikinis that have prints that extend from the hip to the bust. Alternatively get ones with patterns that go across the body. They make your torso look longer and leaner.

Usually, solid colours are not recommended for plus size women. You should also get bikinis with paneling, ruching, and tummy trimming features.

Short Torso

One-piece suits are best suited for people with short torsos. Get bikinis with patterns that go from top to bottom to get that lengthening effect on your look. Asymmetrical designs work well too. Avoid two-piece bikinis and ones that have strapless tops.

Long Torso

Women with long torsos need bikinis that have designs and patterns that visually break up their overall body length. Two-piece suits work well for these women. Tankini tops are also a good fit.

You should also get ones that have bright colours, horizontal stripes, and v-shaped necklines. Bikinis with high cut legs are also recommended.

Pear Shaped

Women with pear-shaped bodies can use a green bikini that draws attention to the upper body. They should avoid bikini bottoms that flaunt their hips. Colourful sarongs are also a no-no. One-piece suits, brightly coloured tops, skirtinis, and complete tankini sets are also perfect.

No Curves

Women with rather straight shaped bodies need not worry. They can find bikinis that enhance the hips and the bust. Get padded or push up tops to create this effect. Bottoms with ruffles and other designs and patterns that make the hips look bigger are also great.

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You should avoid triangle tops on the other hand. Tie side bottoms aren’t recommended.


Next time you are out to buy a bikini, remember to match the colour, cut, and style to your body type. There are plenty of options that will make you look gorgeous in and out of the water.

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