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Offbeat wedding jewellery trends

Weddings in India reverberate traditions, culture, values, and most importantly love. As much as it is a celebration of two souls uniting for the journey of life, the wedding is planned around the culture and traditions that the family practices. And so most of the Indian Weddings depict the traditional ideals, cultural practices, traditional jewellery, and apparel, etc.

But girls like to look extraordinary! Rather than matching the regular standards, they like to explore new ideas and create their own ravishing looks. And this emerging trend has captured eyes everywhere. From the distinguished diamond ring to chunky flower necklaces – here are some offbeat wedding jewellery trends.

Double-up your fancy jewellery

While traditionally a choker necklace has been a go-to for wedding jewellery over lehengas, the new-age trends have defied the rules. Girls have started exploring their ideas. And one of the most beautiful additions to make is to wear not one, but two heavy necklaces to cover the neckline. Together with a choker, one can go for a second heavy necklace that covers any residual neckline area. Many celebrities have boasted of this look in the past couple of years and this off-beat addition has been catching waves in the wedding arena ever since.

Statement jewellery

Indian wedding jewellery is always a traditional pick! Therefore when it comes to the designs, its either very traditional or classic. Breaking through this trend is the idealistic approach of adding one (or two) statement pieces of jewellery on your wedding trunk. You can opt for a large maangtika that grabs attention or a big nose ring that covers up your smile – these trends have been eye-catching and looking incredibly beautiful on brides who have flaunted it. Statement jewellery can vary from a standout kamarbandh, contrasting bajubandh, or just a statement set of bangles to make all the difference.

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Play with the contrasts

Gone are the days when brides relied on deep maroon or red lehengas and gold jewellery for their most beautiful day of life. Today, everyone loves to play with colours. And that pretty much shows on the choice of jewellery too. While brides love to explore with colours on their lehenga i.e. beige, green, pinks and pastels are making waves – the jewellery choices have gone wild too. Rather than usual gold earrings designs with weight and price and diamonds, brides are opting for pearls, emeralds, rubies, and varied choices too. When it’s about traditional jewellery, they put up gold and diamonds, but the look is balanced with an extra necklace of pearls/emeralds to add the colourful vibe to the outfit.


Maangtika has been a bridal trousseau for centuries now. And Mathapatti too has been a celebrated addition to the maangtika, but with the emergence of time, the designs have changed. What used to be a string of gold to put the maangtika in place has transformed into a jewellery piece of its own with distinct details. Heavy mathapattis are here to stay. With lots of details, diamonds and craftsmanship, the maathapatti is something that every bride today tries to add on their outfit. If not the wedding day, the jewellery is chosen for other functions to keep the celebration going.

When picking up jewellery for Indian wedding, the choices are unlimited. The trick lies in adding your own zing to it and making the whole experience worthwhile. If you would love to have a twist of designs or ideas on your wedding jewellery, now is the time!

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