Concert Ticketing: Following the New Normal

Concert Ticketing: Following the New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has left us with new and different ways of doing things, not excepting the world of music. Nonetheless, this hasn’t stopped artistes all over the world from giving their fans amazing live performances. From BTS’ concert to Billie Eilish’s virtual reality concert and Travis Scott’s Fortnite concert in 2020, artistes have found ways of cementing the reality of the new normal, which is virtual concerts. The challenge may be what to put together and how to do it but here’s our guide to help you put out your concert tickets 2021  and years beyond.

Concert Ticketing: Following the New Normal

Tell the fans!

You can do this in several ways, either via your social media pages or to add that personal touch, email. Letting your fans read your own words takes a fan-artiste relationship a notch higher. Give them the details of the event and don’t forget to add the link to ticket purchase. This will save them from going from site to site, looking for it.

Social media, as always

As a powerful tool, it boils down to leveraging the right platforms and being strategic about it. Whether it’s visual art on Instagram or video snippets on TikTok, the aim is to discover your most active platform and leverage it. It’s also important that the details of the ticketing platform are visible. It could remain on your bio or you could add it to each post. Hashtags are also an efficient means to help fans trace it on social media.

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Don’t do the talking alone

It’s also important that you let others do the talking for you. In this case, influencers with wide reach and constant engagement. They should be informed about the event, where and how to purchase tickets so that their network can access it too.

Add some perks

Everyone loves freebies and when it’s coming from their favorite artiste, they appreciate it, it makes it even better. You can design perks in different ways, depending on what you want to give away. The early bird ticket always works. You may also choose to give out free tickets in a Q and A session on your social media. Free merch or free access to your new release on streaming platforms is also a way to push ticket sales, especially if it’s a virtual event.

Provide a range of options

To help the fans with a range of options to select from, various ticket types can be offered at different prices, from tiered tickets to bundles, depending on the mode of your event. As an artiste, Show4me  has made this option readily available for access, especially after setting up your profile hitch-free. With this, fans their concert tickets 2021 can select according to their preferences.


Adding a timer to the ticket purchase page will not only increase the anticipation of your event but also help fans avoid missing out. It will push ticket purchases as fans don’t want to miss out on their favorite’s performance, especially if it’s a virtual event.

Sell tickets ahead of your event with Show4me. You can also take advantage of our virtual streaming platform as you build your music profile here.

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