Convert Your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation to PDF For Free Using GoGoPDF’s Converter Toolbox

Convert Your Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation to PDF For Free Using GoGoPDF’s Converter Toolbox

Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the most commonly used formats for group work or report presentation. However, the format is not universal. Not all platforms can support this—this where the problem starts. Thus, users opt to convert their PPT files into PDF. Portable Document Format is a universal format. Therefore, you can access it using any platform.

There are various solutions online that can help you convert your PPT files into PDF. One of these solutions is to utilize the converter tool from GoGoPDF. This is a website that you can access and use for free. GoGoPDF assures that your PPT files will be converted in the fastest way possible. Check out these steps below to get you started.


Select Files

To convert PPT to PDF, select the PPT files from your device. Drag and drop them to GoGoPDF’s converter area to begin the process. You can also press the “Select Files” button, and you will be automatically directed to your file manager. Make sure to pick the right files before you hit the start button. You can also get the PPTs from your Google Drive account if you wish.

Wait For The Scanning Process To Be Completed

For about 5 to 8 seconds, the tool will scan and analyze your uploaded PPT files. Wait for the process to be completed before you can download and keep the output. Rest assured that there will be no private content leak on the internet. GoGoPDF will keep it private. The content of your PPT files will remain confidential.

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Download, Save, Or Share

After the scanning process, your PPT files will be converted to PDF; when your newly converted document is ready, download and save it on your computer or even on your tablet and mobile phone. You can also keep it on your Dropbox and Google Drive accounts if you wish for easy and convenient access.

The good thing is you can show how satisfied you are with the service provided by GoGoPDF by sharing the tool online. You can share the tool on your social media accounts like Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, Reddit, or Twitter.

Why GoGoPDF?

GoGoPDF is a platform that delivers quality results. Its services range from converting PDF files to various file formats. The process will be conducted online with the help of cloud storage. You can, therefore, save the memory of your devices. Check out these few more reasons why you should choose the free service provided by GoGoPDF.

Offers A Secure PPT To PDF Conversion

The website ensures a private and secure method—their terms of service guarantee that their customers’ rights are respected. An hour after you have finished, the document you posted will be automatically deleted from their cloud service.

A User-friendly Website

GoGoPDF is a user-friendly website. Its developers understand the value of time. They, therefore, guarantee that their system has instructions that are easy to comprehend and follow. Even kids can follow the basic instructions provided.

It Is Compatible With Multiple Platforms

GoGoPDF is also very well recognized for its compatibility. Unlike any site that is hard to run on a particular OS, GoGoPDF is universally suited for most systems, such as Windows, Linux, Android, Mac, etc. It also runs seamlessly with modern web browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about the platform you are currently using.

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Preserves The Original Quality Of Your Document

There are web-based tools out there that help change your files to any format; unfortunately, the accuracy of these converters is low. Let’s say that you have entirely transformed the PPT into PDF, but you will surely be annoyed when you find that the contents are different from the actual file. This will be a problem on your behalf.

However, when you use the converter tool from GoGoPDF, rest assured that the document’s original content quality will be preserved. The tool will not harm its quality. Its only role is to convert it while keeping the content safe.

It’s Free

Fortunately, GoGoPDF is free. Thus, you wouldn’t need to pay for the service. You can fully use any of its offered features for your document-related concerns. You can visit its page now and discover the amazing tools that they provided for entirely free.


If you are in a rush, and everyone is asking you to present your report, but the platform you are currently using cannot support your PPT, let the GoGoPDF solve this problem. Convert your PPT using its provided converter tool by following the instructions indicated above.

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