Rolex from the Cellini Collection

A must-have Rolex from the Cellini Collection

We cannot talk about watches without talking about Rolex. These two words are inseparable. That is how significant the impact of the Rolex brand and innovation is; it becomes almost equivalent to the object it sells. It is, therefore, undeniable that everyone wants a piece from the brand. Rightfully so, it is not just famous; it is of excellent quality and impressive looks.

Within the Rolex timepieces are collections that sport different vibes and take inspiration from different things. Among their most famous are the Submariner, GMT Master II, Sea dweller, and Explorer II. But we will not be talking about them today. We will talk about another of their great collections named Cellini.

The story behind Rolex’s Cellini

The Cellini collection is also known as the Classical Rolex. It remains timeless because it embodies the elegance and the technology of the traditional Rolex watches. It emphasizes Rolex’s rich history and how it managed to take the watchmaking industry by storm through its unique innovations and thirst for precision.

In 2014 at Baselworld, the Cellini editions by Rolex was revamped. The newer collection was acclaimed and loved not just by the public but also by critics. In fact, It has received the title of the most successful “dress watch” among the Rolex collection. Fair enough, it is indeed a staple item in the fashion industry.

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Today, we will be talking about three of the models in the Cellini Collection. We will be taking a look at the makings of this watch, including its design, shape, color, and even its technology. All you have to learn about this watch collection will be discussed in the next part of this article. Indeed, you will find a timepiece from this collection that you will consider a must-have.

Rolex Cellini Date Blue 18k White Gold/Leather Ø39mm (50519-0011)

Cellini collection cannot be talked about without mentioning this silver and black beauty. The combination of the cool colors makes exude a laid back elegant vibe. Its case, lug, and buckle are made out of 18ct White gold. The round case measures 39mm in diameter, and it is completed with dark blue leather.

Its dial is even more impressive. It is in Blue Guilloche color with white indexes and dark silver hands. The brand name is strategically written on the top part of the watch so that it could be easily spotted. The name of the collection is also printed on the bottom part just across the brand name. To complete the dial’s look is a subdial on the right side.

When it comes to its movement, it has a caliber of 3165 manufactured by Rolex. It has approximately 48 hours of reserve. To add up to its features is that it is water-resistant; it can completely function even 50m deep underwater. Indeed it is not just an aesthetically pleasing timepiece, but of excellent quality.

Rolex Cellini Dual Time Black/Leather Ø39mm (50529/2)

Silver and black will never get out of style. Those can hold themselves even with the emergence of different trends. Rightfully so, a combination of these colors is included in this collection. It has a lug, buckle, and a case in 18ct White Gold. Its round case measures 39mm and is complemented by the night-black Alligator leather strap.

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One look at the case and you will be blown away by the subtlety of luxury. It is colored with Black Guilloche, so the silver-coloured indexes, hands, and writings are highlighted. The brand name is written on the upper part of the watch, where the 12th index is placed. The collection name is placed just below the brand. A subdial on the bottom center is also present.

As for its movement, of course, it is never behind the aesthetics. It has a Calibre 3180 manufactured by Rolex. It has a 48 hours reserve and can withstand water up to 50m deep. True enough, if you are searching for a basic yet oozing charisma timepiece, this bad boy is the way to go.

Rolex Cellini Dual Time Brown 18k Rose Gold Leather Ø39mm (50523-0016)

Last but definitely not least is this rose gold beauty. This is a refreshing style of a timepiece, a break from the basic ones in the collection. The hardware is made out of Rolex’s famous 18ct Everose Gold. Its round case with solid back measures 39mm in diameter. To tie it all up is the leather strap that perfectly complements the rose gold detailing.

The dial is definitely the highlight, along with the rose gold details. It is colored in chocolate brown, so it perfectly matches the warmth brought by the rose gold index and alpha hands. The brand name and the collection is written above the watch, while a subdial is placed on the bottom part.

The features of this watch are just as impressive as how it looks. It has a Calibre 3180 manufactured by Rolex. It has a 48 hours reserve and can definitely be taken into swimming because of its water-proof feature that can withstand up to 50m underwater. This beauty is indeed a classic, but it is definitely a head-turner.

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The Rolex brand prides itself on watches of beautiful designs and unmatched accuracy. The Cellini, in particular, which is an embodiment of Rolex’s humble beginning, is a significant investment not just for fashion enthusiasts but also for businessmen. Time in time again, with every collection, Rolex keeps on setting the bar higher for timepieces.

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